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Share discovered starships; Any class/type. You can post photos, with details or without, providing coordinates or seed codes, or not. (Seeds: Editors GoatFungus, Raxdiam, etc)

Starships are Fighters, Shuttles, Haulers, Explorers, Exotics or any other future ships.

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S Class Megathread
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Hunting ships through portals. Am I doing it right?
Videos v1.7
NEXT Base Pics are Amazing
Hunting ships through portals. Am I doing it right?
Screenshots v1.5-1.77
Videos v1.5-1.77
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Screenshots v1.75
Videos v1.5-1.77
Screenshots v1.5-1.77
Screenshots v1.7

This is my large fighter. Been with me since Atlas Rises v1.3, in 2017. I’ve always called it DiscoFlash.

It was in fact located in the very star system that I 1st spawned in, so very long ago. And still got it.

We’ll see if a rival comes along someday and steals my heart away. But regardless, I’ve got the seed.

Appearance has changed with v1.5. Fancy side wings. :heart_eyes: No copper wood-grain front barrel. :sob:

Seed: 0x25256471B11ACE84 - Enjoy!


Here’s what my above fighter used to look like during Atlas Rises, so you can reference changes…

But I think it’s actually improved. More detail and rugged looks. I just miss the copper wood-grain.

Still, what am I crying over. The blue front barrel matches and it’s got even more copper detailing now. And it’s an S-class, max 38 slot. :man_pilot:t4: And you know thinking about it, the old style kinda resembles a toy.

Why do I now sense maturity? Is it details alone that do that?




I was able to find these three banana’s!

S Class Megathread

@FathomNW: I moved your screenshot to this topic, where we post all our Starships in NMS NEXT. Nice triplets you got there by the way :wink:



For the first time ever I found myself thinking of buying a shuttle


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Found this awkwardly shaped, but lovable thing. Named it ‘The Krogan Quads’ and I do believe the name fits it perfectly…for… obvious reasons. ^^


I really hate this style of ship, but liked the paint scheme and decals.


All of the ships I had acquired in my new normal pre-NEXT save, they’re function over form but am now looking for their aesthetically pleasing S Class equivalents.

Except for the little shuttle that could. The shuttles staying. Even if its always late to the party.

I'll just unload all of my starship pictures on you at once shall I?

Normally, I don’t like this hauler nose shape but the wing made up for it.

Awesome new Squid exotic. This planet had odd coloring during the night.

I found out that the ejection seat on buried ships works. Violently.

Annnnnnnnnnd my favorite pre-NEXT starship image…


A few scratches but still serviceable.


I’ve got a flying brick s-class but I found this little one

System Portal 1077FD58E433 Highly Radioactive Planet


Decided to finally ditch my starter ship for this A-Class fighter.

Loving the colour, details and general look. Just over 2 mil as a trade, having a decent layout and good stats. Came with the Efficient Thrusters (-20% launch), Photon Cannon, Hyperdrive, and Deflector Shield. I added the Photon Cannon upgrades, Rocket Launcher with upgrade, and Deflector Shield upgrade myself. Has 4 tech slots in a row. Not sure about renaming, as the name it came with is kinda cool. I guess I’ll be ‘documenting’ my travels (Arri Amira).

Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!

Yesterday was a hell of a lucky night!

After finding a blue S-Class, I found another one (The Yellow one on the left), and took it right away!

5 minutes later… another one !!



I decided to upgrade and got this A Class.

For some reason the Captain had wanted people to know his number when he was following them :crazy_face: