The Worst Ship in The Universe


Lots of people are chasing better and better ships. People post pictures of nice ships they own, or would like to own.

I thought of some of the truly awful ships I have seen. And I thought perhaps we could compare pictures of really bad ships.

Points could be awarded for general lack of style, performance deficiencies, low slots - you get the idea - general uselessness.

It’s not a competition - I can’t give any prizes. But it might be fun to see what rubbish we can find. Please try to include ship statistics, for comparison.

Here’s my opening contribution:


It’s like a lunchbox… attached to another lunchbox.


It’s trash


But the most worst ships mostly came with a sigma warp drive which came in handy for doing the Atlas quest :slight_smile:

I kept this ship in Survival Mode because it was a most friendly one that did not throw me out when I landed too high but kept me safe on its front…


This comment made my day :grin:


That little thing is kind of cute actually. I’ll need to dig around to see what ship I liked the least, mostly based on appearance.

Great idea for a thread though.


haha what the hell ? Is that even called a “ship” ?

Nice topic, I’ll certainly find some to post haha!


I’ve been hunting since you started this thread & unless I find one with your ships crap % & with even less slots I think you’ve got this won.
It’s fun looking though.


Indeed pretty hard to find worst than that :grin:


Like I said, it’s not a competition. Just a bit of fun. If you find a horrible ship, post it.


Oh don’t worry, I’ve got a couple of shameful lemons picked out. Just needs to wait until I next do my PS4>USB>PC>ETARC picture load up. :grin:


It’s so garbage it only gets a phone-photo-off-the-TV-portrait. Supplied with Sigma Warp blocking shield upgrades. Comes from a comfortable system so along with being mostly useless, it is also socially embarrasing :grin:


Why does it think it is a ship? :thinking:



That’s a big-arsed sentinal right there!


It’s funny how all the awful looking ships are Shuttles…


That is truly ugly. Good find.


What I find is those little bitty shuttles carry Anti-matter and tons of it.
Don’t knock those little guys!!! lol


Aesthetics aside, I reckon there’s a pretty comfy bed housed in the front.


“Be nice, guys!” says the mother of all shuttle ships - Mrs. Robot


PS. sorry for slight derailing the thread @Polyphemus, will post ugly ships&stats as soon as I meet one :wink:


Introducing the kiddies selection:

Armed with somewhat average stats these little babies are the cuties of the NMS starship selection.

First up is Baby Blue.
Send your Vykeen infant off to war in this delightful little fighter with 17 slots of arsenal equipping space.

For the girls here is the Hello Kitty Explorer.
Finished in cream and pink this lovely little lump of candy has plenty of space to cart all the essentials, like make-up, your Sylvanian Families Collection and your security blanket.

And finally here is the little tough puppy of the bunch ready to bop you on the nose and hide under the couch.
Introducing Biffo The Wonder Ship.
No one would dare pick a fight with this little darling. They’ll simply look and go
“Ohhh how cute and then wander off.”

…and yes for those too embarrassed to say
“Ohhh that’s adorable…I want one.”
Here’s the coordinates.