Starships 🚀

With the Beyond update, starships have increased in variety. Show off your new finds, or just your favorites as they look now! If you want to share coordinates, please do - but it isn’t required.
I’ll start!

Some external sources:

NMS Coordinate Exchange (Reddit)

A whole lot of posts here, mostly pc, but ps4 too.
Search wisely, for example:

Starship Catalogue (Gamepedia)

Currently from The Abyss update (will likely update)
Not a whole lot, but you never know what you’ll find …

The Portal Repository

All kinds of ships, tools, planets and whatnot, on different platforms …

Atlas Codex

Ships, planets, communities, freighters and fauna


@SingularGleam: Thank you very much :wink:
I won’t tell anyone I changed the category … shhh … hush


Great as usual, cleaning up after my mess - thanks!



My first exotic sighting for beyond.


Working Late.


@SingularGleam: I have edited your top post to include some external sources.

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Great idea ! I added another as well

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Ah yes nice, forgot about that one! :wink:

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So many ships to look at in the Nexus. And you can see who owns them. It would be so nice to be able to trade or buy…

This one belongs to budweiser
and this one to sarah webb

If only ppl exosuits were as interesting…:laughing: I mean really, I thought we wanted more color in NMS.

Oh and here is my current ship on a brand new game.


My first ship upgrade in new Beyond save.

I was so scared the NPC would jump into his ship and leave before I could complete the transaction I forgot to take a screen of the comparison. But from 15+4 slot A-fighter to this 29+8 is pretty sweet. Cost 12+M. It was late so I didn’t get a chance to try it out.

Also, something new for BEYOND. My old ship was taken away by another npc. He left while Mal was talking to him and left Mal stuck with the talk window open. He had to quit the game, and back up quite a way in order to play again.

Be careful of talking with npcs near ships… :open_mouth:


Yes. Last night I was ready to leave the Nexus and I found another ship in place of mine. Turned out it was actually on top of my ship. I had to circle around carefully until my ship’s name showed. I was able to safely leave. It was scary for a few confusing minutes. :scream:

Also, a ‘Stay here. I will be right back’ option would be nice. I missed a ship because I had to run to the terminal and sell some gold and silver to have enough units…he left just as soon as I got back to him…


Valets confirmed :joy:


Repo man was just a little bit slow…


Ok, didn’t think there was a ship build I hadn’t seen. Turns out I was wrong. That thing looks like it’s straight out of a 90ies sidescroller shmup! :smile:


Anyone else getting random ships floating around like balloons in the Nexus? It’s sort of funny and cool at the same time. I can imagine a special event where the Nexus gets attacked and the gravity turns off and all the ships just start to float around.


Everyone gets those in the Nexus and one day soon, it will be YOU…(insert maniacal laugh) :laughing:
HG has improved the Nexus but it still tends to get a bit overcrowded at times. This leaves some players with no place to park and no way to make a U-Turn. So they tumble, helplessly, while every one laughs and tries to figure how to have fun with someone else’s misery. :sunglasses:


I thought that they were being stacked?

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Only if they’re lucky…

The maximum occupancy of the nexus that I have seen so far was 2, including myself. So if you feel crowded, there’s lots of space left over in survival mode on GoG! :stuck_out_tongue: