Starships 🚀

We always need a place for ship screenshots, have at it!

This is a continuation of the topic below:



Landed at my settlement


(SingularGleam’s piccie of a studly Fighter)

Now that’s a rare sight, a starship that actually LOOKS like a starship. Painted the way you expect a Starship to look. I get so tired of wading through all the pinks and purples and lime yellows and all the weird paisley pastel color schemes that look like they were created by some six year old. I’ve passed up a number of Fighters because the colors were either kyoote or garish. Or downright nauseating.

I have the same reaction to so many planets, with florescent skies and plantlife, or waters for that matter, that practically blind me, and get me to leave after just a few minutes. I’m hoping that space is finally beginning to look a little freaking BLACK now. I’m still in the thick of painting, apparently making the same mistakes I gessoed over a couple of days ago, and have yet to dive in to this crazy world. Which seems to still be sorting itself out a little… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So nothing to share yet. Though a couple of pics might be showing up in my fic in a chapter or so…