Starships 🚀

We always need a place for ship screenshots, have at it!



I totally need that! :+1:


I couldn’t select Origins Creative for the topic :crazy_face:


Fixed it for you! Let us know if the issue persists. Mobile?

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Thanks! Yep, I’m on a tablet


Not familiar with mobile use, but I expect there should be a way to change category … somehow?

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I’m using desktop view - switching to mobile and back I can see them all now


My current 2 fave ships.


I’m on something of a hunt for fighters at the moment. Let me see if I can find some pics to share. Some, I let get away when I could only have one ship.

My golden ship, S72 Uroishig, and which I inadvertently lost in my hunt for an Ancient Ship.

My current ride, which I christened S91 Scimitar. I think I’ll keep her.

This is the design I ultimately want, just not red. Finding a certain fighter is sure a treasure hunt of a lifetime.


Found a pretty neat exotic in the wild


I was still hunting for the studliest starfighter in the universe, or at least in the Euclid Galaxy, at least as far as I could come across in my limited lifetime, at least to me… breath. And I was getting some good finds here and there. Hint: the three races have seven ships in their specialty category per star system, so Vy’keen have the most fighters.

I thought I’d be settling for the night, after coming across that breathtaking world in the Screenshots thread, when… oh look at that.

It’s red… really red. And burnished aluminum too - aluminium for our friends across the Pond who actually spell it right. It looks like some American fighter craft right out of the 1960s. And it looks SO HOT. Well, to me anyhow. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have “turkey feather” exhausts like we have on the F-15 and 16 fighters, but I think I’ll live.

I’m a military aviation nut from way back, wanted to join the Air Force but got talked out of it, darn it, so I settled on building models and doing aviation art, which I actually sold some work. So stuff like this hits me right in the pleasure center.

And… ya know, I have one ship I can live without… maybe I’ll keep looking for a sidekick. :sweat_smile:


I got some to show off, none of them mine.
I really liked the colors on this first one, gave it a sort of honorary look.

Two NPC’s landed here in the exact same ship. What are the odds?


I’ve been taking pics of all the good looking ships I come across, too. I have quite the portfolio.

I must say, as much as I’d change a feature here and there because I’m picky, the team has created a fantastic system for generating all kinds of really good looking ships. Some dogs too, but they’re in the minority, and taste is taste.


I wanted to revisit this whole customization discussion to bring in something many of us have enjoyed for about a decade now in many racing games, and that’s the ability to apply custom paint jobs, or “liveries.” The game has a system in place to apply graphics to these ships, and it would be pure chewing satisfaction if Team Mercury gave us these tools to apply our own choice of graphics to these craft, particularly the fighters. A number of virtual stencils are available for our buildings, so the capability is there. We could show off our “creations” to the world and win the admiration of our peers, and if our Mercury friends would be willing, we could even share our work with others, and commission people to make liveries for others. I’d think giving us the ability to also modify ships or even build them from scratch would be a similar level of endeavor, and really should be offered at some point.

I came across another ship I swapped into my stable of fighters, and the paint job is pretty okay, but it isn’t my favorite part about it.

Below are a pair of ships which have liveries I’d rather have on it.


All of these are crashed ships I have found since Origins…why is every ship I find yellow?


Just lucky, I guess!


That ship is a real downer. :sweat_smile:


Good Find!

No Man's Sky_20201003143345 (2)


My new ship the Dragonfly Dancer