Figured id ask - Custom Colors

Is it possible to change my ships colors? Or my gun? I feel that would be a fun little addition, seeing as you can do so with your suit now.

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@TheGreenMario93: I have changed the category to ‘Help A Fellow Traveller’, as it is specifically meant to ask questions about the game and allow others to leave an answer or further discuss it. I have also edited the topic title to be a bit more specific.

No it is not possible, hello games very much want us to seek out those perfect combos of functionality, style and colour across the cosmos and share those coordinates to help those in search of beauty. It’s an incredible feeling when you happen upon that perfect ship or multi tool :slight_smile:


I don’t mind having the shapes of those “perfect ship/equipment” staying a “sought-after” goal. But I hope HG will include custom ship colours…much like Earth & Beyond Online had in their game! -)



I’m going to go slightlyyyy off-topic but, it would be nice if we can salvage wings and engines or shields from crashed ships and fix them up to add them to our own ships. Or maybe even find fully-functional s-class parts very rarely in 1 of 100 systems’ space stations that can be bought for a high price or by doing a very unique special task for a shady guy that hangs out in the back of the space station that has a sketchy past.

It would be cool if paint colors and designs can be collected and then redeemed at special stations for paint jobs too. (Sort of like the station for our exosuits) Painting your ship at any place would be cool too, but a sort of “spaceship mechanic” or “spaceship paint job” station would be cool too. With animations when removing parts or stripping paint to apply the new paint.

Okay, my brain is getting carried away but…

A cool parking spot for your land vehicles(like a garage) in a frighter where you can add special upgrades and paint…

Okay, my brain needs to stop. I’m done. I’m done.

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I am all for these ideas.

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