Starship Customisation

Post all your creations and questions here.

I stood in a Korvax Space Station and spent a fair portion of my billions aquiring and scrapping ships to get these parts. Not exactly what I wanted but not bad. I have had an issue with the Explorer ship designs. Just did not really like them. I feel happy with this one.

What we have so far:


Might be a bug with fighter type ships but I broke down a fighter and chose “cockpit” and I got nothing. lol. Twice. I think it’s because a “cockpit” isn’t a part used in fighters.


FYI, there are some discussions on Reddit that suggest that the ship you construct from parts will vary depending on which space station you go to.


It’s important to note that ship class doesn’t matter when scrapping for parts (it does for scrapping for upgrades and sellable items), so you should always go for a C rank when collecting parts to build a ship, because it’s cheapest.


Yeah, I was wondering if the decals it has varies. I wish they would allow us to customize decals on the ship


I’ve been dismantling mostly fighters for parts and have not encountered this issue. The cockpit just means the fighters Fuselage so you absolutely should be getting the front end of the ship.

I’ll be jumping on soon to continue dismantling fighters, will keep an eye and see if I encounter a similar issue.

Was this happening at the same space station or did you try jumping to a different system? Were you able to get any other customization modules like wings or engine?

After hitting my fifth wrecked ship that had its owner standing by waiting for help I decided to take Sheralmysts advice and chill in the space station. Nice to see that 4 change to a 3 in my billions of euro dollars for the first time in years :slight_smile:

Now to go to a Pirate station and buy a crap load of X class modules to bring my billions of bugged nanites down to normal levels. Should only take a few hours :rofl:

So “best space station for decals” hunting will be a new meta? Nice.

I also really like how ship customization feeds in to classic community ship hunting and hasn’t completely replaced it as I feared it might over the years.

Will be back with my first custom fighter later tonight :smiley:

Gonna do explorer after that. Hauler has so many wing variants I’ll leave that last.


I noticed scanning player ships in the Anomaly now just reads Class and Type but class is empty.
Anyone else having issues with damage potential? I have 2 weapons with several mods but none of them increase the damage potential


It was at two different stations but I was able to get the wings for a fighter and all the other parts for the other ship types. Its only the “fuselage” option that doesn’t show up for me. It shows “cockpit” only no matter what station I go to.


There are parts on some ships, that are slightly different than the parts actually available for assembly. So when you then choose for the ship to be scrapped for that part, it will give nothing. I have come across several of those parts by now. This should be reported as a bug.

The only difference I can see Space Stations make when it comes to assembly, is the seeding of slot layout, seeded base stats, and possibly default colours and decals. The parts you can pick for assembly are always the same.

This feature is not quite finished yet, from what I can tell.


I’ve also noticed that you cannot make asymmetrical ships, because you can only choose one wing. Many ships can have two different wings, especially explorers, but there’s no option to put in two different wings, which makes it seem incomplete to me. It should be possible to build a ship identical to any model you can find in the world.


I have 2 wing options on explorer ships. It allows me to place left and right wing seperately.


Ah okay, I stand corrected, good to know. So does explorer always require two wings, or can you just put in one and it will put it on both sides?


You have to place both but, I am thinking I could place the same one on both sides, in other words, gather a left wing and use it as a right wing…maybe a glitch? I was so busy collecting left and right wings that were the same, I was unable to tell. Hope that makes sense. :upside_down_face:
You do have to be careful when scrapping an explorer so you grab the wing you want. Left and right are from the cockpit (hull) viewpoint.


It confused me at first until I switched to the other ship types and saw they all have different set ups. And different names for cockpit ’ ^ _ ^

I’m not sure if there are less ship variation than I thought the game had or if we just don’t have full access to all the styles and variants yet.

More new ship bits with updates or through qs store or expedition rewards… Oh man I’m salivating at the thought now.

Cool wings on your ship you could only get that one time during an expedition?

We’re gonna need a “Rizz” emote for all this swag we’ll be carrying around.

Did I do it right? Did I sound like the cool kids sound?


If they just added decals it would make a lot if difference. In fact, my ship could ‘scare’ me.
:joy: That’s some gen z speak…found out recently when a girl told me I scared her and the woman with me was confused. Then it was explained that I was looking so good, she had to ‘jump back’ so she could she all of me, hence the’scare’ part. :joy: There was a fashion show for business attire at the local college, if that clarifies anything…
Anyway, would love some decals on my ship. Would love to shrink and stamp my ship with the expeditions. Or a pirate stamp to mark my ship like WW2 fighters.

Added some pics to the top post to clarify what is currently available.


Have a bunch of Twitch Drop Starship rewards you’ve never claimed or knew what to do with?

Now you can turn 'em all into ship bits :slight_smile:

I get Meat-O-Vision when I see ships now



My brain immediately created a cool sharktooth paint job…
but then sabotaged that cool idea with a mildly unsettling (& difficult to unsee), bikini-clad pin-up-girl Gek riding a bomb.
As I typed this it got worse… with a slinky Korvax showing its ‘parts’.


Or this Vy’Keen…

…in this


Ewwww! That’s a rough image.


Okay now I have to see The Rocky Horror Picture show performed by denizens of the Atlas Sim.

That Vy Keen has massive Tim Curry vibes