Synthesis Crashed Ships

What I’ve found so far:

  1. Find a crashed ship on a planet. There aren’t as many as there used to be, but there’s still lots around.

Claim the crashed ship. DON’T swap for it - you’ll lose your original ship if you do.

  1. Repair the crashed ship enough to get it flying. You’ll need to fix the shields, the launch thrusters, and the pulse engine. You’ll also need to give it some launch fuel. Don’t bother fixing anything else.

Once you’ve fixed it and fuelled it, fly it to the space station. Leave your original ship on the planet.

  1. Park the crashed ship at the space station. Make your way to the scrapyard station (next to the appearence modifier).

  1. Following the instructions, scrap the ship. You should get:
  • Odd bits of ship technology (you can’t use these - sell them).
  • Upgrade modules - you can trade these for nanites, or use them yourself.
  • At least one augment module. You can use this to add a new slot to your ship.

  1. When you scrapped the crashed ship, the ship you left on the planet will have magically transported itself to the space station.

You can now use the augment to add a new slot to your main ship (for free)

That’s it for now. Happy scrapping!


Thanks for the walk-thru on this!


This is really helpful, thank you! :heart:


From my first couple of observation, it seems like you actually get the full resale value of the ship in Units. In other words, adding all the stuff you get additionally, scrapping ships would be more lucrative than trading them in. Did I get that right or am I dreaming?

Also: If you’re always getting an augment, instead of paying for a slot extension, buy some cheap-ass C-class shuttle for a couple grand and scrap it…


I’m going to have to go that route since I have now gone through almost 60planetary maps specifically for distressed signals and got sent to every kind of building imaginable except crashed ships, one crashed freighter, and two empty crashed ship spots, and four actual crashed ships that I could not purchase because I had to repair it for the nearby pilot. Grrr…

I don’t have the patience for this constant tedium.


Crashed ships have been so rare for a long time now. I miss them.


Well, the galaxy seems to have become a little safer, so that’s good I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:



Having done some more crashed ship hunting and scrapping, I can now tell you that you don’t always get a storage augment. It seems fairly random, but it appears to be around 2 out of 3 will give you an augment, There’s also enormous variation in the upgrade modules you can salvage. The class of ship seems to make quite a difference, with better class ships giving better salvage.

Here’s some of the crashed ships I’ve scrapped in the last 2 days:



Now this is what I’ve been looking for. This is my new project.

I won’t scrap this one. I’ll take it back to my yard, and repair it. I’ll refurbish and upgrade it. Wherever possible, I’ll use upgrades I’ve salvaged from other scrap ships. Hours of fun.


You can actually use that great scrapyard you did


Ah, well, the old scrapyard was several games back, and is long gone. But there’s another one under construction.

Right now, though, I want things to put in it. :smiley:


Latest transplant donor…


Next patient, Doctor…


*grumbles^ I’d love to know how you are finding these crashed ships. I spent three hours and over two full stacks of “distress signal” maps and found not one (MP = off).

Later I started buying ships at the station. I finally gave up and just threw money at the blasted terminal.


I like crashed ships. I’ve always liked them, right from day one. I love the idea of creating something useful from junk. It’s something I’ve always done in real life, so it’s something I enjoy in the game.

I’ve studied how crashed ships work in NMS - what kinds there are, how many, where and how to find them. There was no-one else to ask, so I had to make myself an expert.

If people were interested, I could write a little guide?


raises hand

Yes please.


I think we already know why so many crash sites are empty… @Polyphemus has beaten you to it. :grinning:


Shouldn’t they still be there if you have MP off, though?


I like this addition to the game. Sadly, as a satisfied owner of 6 ships, I can’t participate. :frowning:


I will write a small guide to finding crashed ships. Fear not - @sheralmyst is trying to blacken my name - I have left plenty for all of you.

@TravelEcho - all the finds I have listed above were discovered with MP off. So yes, you can find them without MP.

I’ll have something ready by tomorrow. :smiley: