The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Max Out Ship Inventory!

After trying to salvage crashed ships and finding it to be way too slow for getting inventory expansion upgrades, I found a much faster way that is also much cheaper than straight-up buying the inventory upgrades. I detail the technique in the video below:


I’ve been mixing it up: some of what you are doing (it hasn’t consistently given the augments You got lucky getting two! :heart:), doing Nexus missions that give augments as rewards, and claiming crashed ships and scrapping them.

I don’t know if you noticed our Crashed Ship Registry started by @Polyphemus: Here is the link just in case: Synthesis - Crashed Ships Register

I’d be interested to see how it works out for you in future on a larger sample. Lets say, 20. And see what the % of Augments that you get only from that sample.

Hopefully your luck will hold! Two! from a low level ship. lol So lucky! :four_leaf_clover: Thanks for sharing!


I did this for 2 hours today. My paperless estimate is that I got an augment in every 1 in 4 ships that cost between 1 and 3 million units. I’ll post the livestreams of this when I make them into Youtube videos so you can calculate the rate yourself if you like.


Looking forward to the new video. :heart:

I just now did a test run on this, three purchased ships: C, B, and A.

I got no Augment modules from the first two, but like you, I got two Augments from the A-class, for which I paid 1,690,000 =U=.

As anyone can tell, I’m finding myself to be very interested in this process of up grading one’s ships. Also my activated indium mine is getting some love these days again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s is the first video where I started scrapping purchased ships constantly. I’ve begun to notice that the rate of getting inventory modules depends mainly on the class of the ship. A rank almost always gives an augment, B usually does, and C rarely does.


I had a S-class ship (Fighter with 19 slots) that I scrapped and received 2 augmentations among the other sellables.


Excellent, I’m going to give this a try.

I got rid of my 3 48/8 Haulers, 2 S-class and 1 A-class and a couple of exotics and got quite a few slots.

I’m working on my S-class fighter which is currently 48/16.

What’s the max tech slots on a ship now, is it 21?


Yes, 21 tech slots is the new max.


Thank you, gonna max it out!


So I have now received 3 Storage Augmentation units from 3 consecutive Trade Frigate Missions [1per mission]. I also have found sending 4+ frigates per mission, with Frigate Mission Boost modules, works well for mission success and positive units and items rewards.

This is the 3rd mission which completed today.