Nanite Traders

Hey, just a couple of questions about Nanite Traders as I’m looking for the Rockets blueprint for my ship.

  1. Is their inventory fixed? In other words does it change if you save-reload?

  2. Does it change over time? If I leave the Station and go and do other stuff and come back will it be the same?

  3. If it is fixed, I guess the best strategy would be to warp to another system of the same race, try the Nanite Trader and if no joy, reload and warp somewhere else until I hit jackpot?

  4. It’s definitely Gek systems I need for Rockets Blueprint?

Many thanks in advance!

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Yes for these 2 points. And i’d say no for the 1 & 2 but i’m not sure for No 1.
You can also be lucky and having good blueprint at “factories building”. Since the last update we don’t get already known recipes so it’s possible to have the ones normally sold for nanites (that’s how i had many Vy’keen blueprints).

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Thanks @kerdorin, I’ll try and test the save-reload in same station method myself, just wondered if anyone else had experimented with it to save me the trouble! (PS4 loading times an all!)

Yes looking forward to finally getting some decent blueprints from factories as I always lucked out with ones I already know. This game owes me! lol

One more question. Does it matter on the systems economy which items are for sale? Anyone noticed what the economy was when they made purchases (specifically Rockets) for example?

High conflict level - more weaponry, lower conflict level - more warp/etc. For Gek systems.

To answer 1&2, They were fixed for me. I checked the dealer in my base system and it was always the same. To 3, yes just jumping around seems the only option. I haven’t seen much info on it, but high tech and rich systems seem the best options. To 4, definitely Gek systems.