On Economics


To those who are smart, intelligent, and understand numbers
Please I and those whom are on the Atlas pages
need you help.
Before the changes it was easy to see what was best to buy or sell at a system.
Since the change in the economic system 1.38
What does it mean?

  1. How does the buy sell of a system help?
  2. How does that affect the Spaceport, Traderrs, Outpost, and Traming post prices?
  3. Economics listing of a system, how does it affect the above.
  4. Economic system catagories - what do they stand for as in + or -
  5. Not using the system of buy everything from point A and moving to point B to sell, what is the best indicators for buying and selling?



Have you checked out the Capitalist Ambitions thread? I think at least some of your questions are answered there.

Hope that helps a little. :slight_smile:


Thanks Oshoryu!
I was hunting for that but I couldn’t remember the thread title.


Found this nice guide on Reddit explaining the economy and all things involved:


Your Welcome! Whenever there’s a new major update, the first question everyone asks is always, “Right, how do we make money now?” That thread helped a lot.


Thanks all, appreciate your help!!!