Capitalist Ambitions - How To Make Money in 1.3?

The days of making millions in minutes seem to be over. Farming has been nerfed to the point that it’s debatable whether it’s worth bothering.

Trade prices for common goods don’t seem to vary enough to justify travel for trade. You can make a profit - but barely.

NipNip has been slowed down to a crawl, and requires constant attention. Dynamic Resonators appear to be the same price everywhere.

From a fresh start for 1.3, at the moment, I’m touring planets gathering the ingredients for circuit boards. It’s a lot of work, but they sell for nearly 1.2 million each.

It would be very interesting to hear how other people are making money. Perhaps get some tips.


Living glass. Corprite and frost crystal grow fairly quick. If you set up a base on a radioactive planet, you can collect gamma root while they grow. Everything you need for living glass.

Edit: Changed it. I had the wrong recipe.

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I’ve got my current base on a cold planet. I didn’t dare move it because of the bug. I think that’s been fixed now, but I’m not taking chances.

So with a cold planet base, I grow Frostwort outside. I can grow Solanium inside, But Solarium takes two hours real-time in trays, and I have to keep topping up the fuel for the trays. And that only gives me Heat Capacitors. For the rest of the circuit boards, I need to make Poly Fibre, which needs Cactus Flesh and Star Bulbs, and I can only get them off-planet.

I was going to ask about your suggestion for Coprite, but I noticed you edited your post.

But it all takes a long time. And you don’t make that much money. Not compared to the price of decent ships and freighters.

So I will look at living glass - thanks for the suggestion.

If you live on a cold planet, can’t you just mass produce glass? Frost crystal grows in 15 mins. You get 50 per plant and only need 250 for a sheet of glass (worth 48k I think). That’s survival mode, if it makes a difference.

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There seems to be a grind to everything, unless you want to exploit bugs. I noticed Acid sells for a lot, but I will be busy with other stuff before I try crafting it in bulk.

Well, you could trade, if you got a freighter with ample size, a ship with an economy sensor and a small fortune (10m or so?) to start with. You should get a few 100k per jump if you plan it all out.
The other alternative is a bit more old school, emeril or red/blue/green-star mining. You should be able to average 600k per large deposit at least. Though I will agree it is probably the most boring way to go as well. ^^

In the upcoming patch they’ll also improve rewards for scanning flora/fauna (with sigma/tau/theta), considering you can already get quite nice rewards, that added bonus might prove to make it worth your time just to hop around planets.

Edit: and of course missions, the higher raking ones can make you a few hundred K each.


Perhaps farming hasn’t been nerfed. Perhaps it’s just changed, and I was still trying to do things the old way.

It looks like Bio Domes are the way to go.

I’ve never been able to farm “properly”. People are out there making millions per transaction while the rest of us are out there scraping by, chewing on our boot strings for dinner each night.

I have an old salvaged dirt hauler that gets me around (barely). I gather what I need at each stop to get me to the next stop. I hope some day I’ll strike it rich, but in the mean time, I just do odd jobs, collect some units, and then set out on the next adventure.


Pre-release, we had the notion that bypass-chips could be used to steal Npc’s ships, in exchange for a bounty on our heads, and and presumably, not helping our relations with the victim’s specie…
Pertaining to wish and suggestions, but it would be great to have the mechanism brought back…
Add to it a way to fence it for profit (trading for a cheaper ship, and some profit, the least) coupled with pirating freighters as we have, and a really dynamic persistent bounty for pillaging behaviours… And to give flavor, some nice pirate-welcoming destinations/targets, and the game would be set for a realistic way to become millionaire.
Not by fair trading and hard-labour, and the odd chance of astronomically good luck… But rather, as most do irl, through taking advantage of the weak, cheating and stealing… Pirate entrepreneurship at its best!
So far I do it through the cheating part…


I think this time round it’s more centred on crafting thing to se via farming and mining, I have a blueprint for an item that sells for 18mil it’s just need to set out a plan with all the plants needed and all the mining drones

What item might that be, that fetches 18 mil?

I’ll have to check and let ya know I can think of it right now

Its called a stasis device
I don’t have the blueprints for the first 2 items need for crafting but I have the one for the bottom one


Following the advice of people here, and a little research of my own, I now have a base that produces over 10 million per harvest (every 30 minutes, I think).

I’m on a cold planet, growing Frostwort outside. I’ve turned the built base almost entirely over to biodomes, growing Gamma Root and Coprite.

At the build limit, this gives me 18 living glass per harvest, at 637,000 units each. Happy days.

Thanks for the guidance.


Are you selling in a different system to the your base is in?

No, I have a trade terminal in my base. It’s about the only thing non-farming related left there. I got rid of everything else to increase my build limit for production.

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Does selling at your trade terminal affect the price as it does at trade posts/stations?

i didn’t notice it. My terminal seems to be the best for my circuits at 1.230.000. At space stations it’s usually less

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Yes, it does. It’s dropped over time to around 75% of the original high, but then it’s stabilised around that level.

So where I was getting around 11 million per harvest, I’m now getting around 8 million. If I travel to other systems, I can sometimes get the price back up to the original 11 million, but not always. And I can only do it once in each new system - once I’ve sold there, they drop their prices too.

So it becomes a question of balancing the logistics. If I stay at home, I get a guaranteed 8 million every 30 minutes. If I travel, I may push that 8 million to 11 million, but I may not. However, all the time I’m away travelling, I’m missing harvests. If I spend an hour away from my base looking for the extra 3 million profit, in the time I’ve been away. I’ve actually lost 16 million in crops not harvested.

But against all that, sitting at home making money gets awfully boring after a while. So what I’ve recently taken to doing is gathering 3 or 4 harvests into my hauler, then going off and flying some missions. While I’m away on the missions, I can look for opportunities to sell at a better profit. I don’t make money as fast, but it’s more interesting.


This is really useful information to know, haven’t played nearly as much NMS as I would like to recently, (how inconsiderate for my son to have his birthday now!) I had heard that you need to hunt for a system that needs a particular product to maximize profit and after that one big payday it drops dramatically.

Seeing 11m level out to 8m is very encouraging though, I was alwasy under the impression that you get your 11m, then you’ll get about 2m thereafter. I could certainly live with that sort of drop.


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