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Dr. Crim head bobs while tending to his clients. A respectable grandma tugs at one earbud, lamenting, “What lies beyond them nerdy rockin’ Crim shades?” A child looks on with admiration. Clients gaze back in fear, mixed emotions and somewhat happy traumatized faces. The community doesn’t know what to think.

@Crimsontine with wife @Starzia and brother @Viconix

:link: Ventures & Concerts in No Man's Sky

:link: Action Science & Ongoing Projects: Astronomy, Alienology, More :link: Artemis Mugshots

:link: Through the Window :link: A B C Class :link: S Class + Theory :link: Coordinates :link: Money

:link: Game Details & Investigations

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@Linshell’s PS4 to PC Process


Twitter Image Sizes

Small ∙ Medium ∙ Large

Just replace the below example with your own user links.

On desktop…

:star2: Visit> click “#PileUp” post, > right click, select “Open image in new tab” or “Save image as…”, results the LARGEST IMAGE, like 1920x1080 >

For MEDIUM size, like 1200x675 > simply remove “:large” from link…

For SMALL size, like 680x383 > add “:small” to link…

Btw > Right click image, before click post, also results medium.

On mobile…

Visit > tap “#PileUp” post, > press and hold, “Open image in new tab” or “Save image as…”, results MEDIUM >

:star2: For LARGE > add “&name=large” to link…

For SMALL > add “&name=small” to link…

Btw > Press and hold, before tap post, also results small.

Post the largest image you can achieve.


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