S Class Megathread

Post your new starships here!
Please try to include the star system information with your post.

Copy and paste the text below for consistency:

> *System information*
> **Coordinates:** 
> **Dominant Lifeform:** 
> **Economy:** 
> **Conflict Level:** 
> *Starship information*
> **General Inventory:** 
> **Starship Technology:** 
> **Dominant Bonus:** 

My contribution:

System information
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Economy: Ore Extraction // Booming
Conflict Level: Unruly

Starship information
General Inventory: 15 Slots
Starship Technology: 6 Slots
Dominant Bonus: Hyperdrive


I found on of the ones from the glitch photo we got but I did not want to trade my 45 slot for a 15 slot lol


So that means you started everything back again by erasing your progression?

I started playing with a new save just a few weeks ago, and focused on maxing out my inventory instead, since that’s something you keep regardless of your ship.

I rated having 47/57/64% bonus higher than six inventory slots, which I consider not that bad. I did still have to pay for the ship, so in game terms, it was not a downgrade.

If I had a maxed out A class ship, then I’d done the same as @Dragoon4205. But I didn’t, so I got it.


No one else took the bait and got themselves an exotic ship?

Nope, saw one, but didn’t take it 14 or 15 slots, was one of the first ships I saw. I probably should have taken it anyway, but well… can’t change that now… ^^

I wish they had left the Class designations alone and made the new alien ships X Class. For X-otic, geddit? I chortle.

Now, if they don’t like my idea, I’m wondering if it’s because we’re going to get X Class vessels down the road, as in X-perimental… :thinking:

Saw one but it was a lot of money for such few slots. Preferred my hauler

You don’t need to buy the ship to catalogue your findings - I’d be interested in seeing what you find, regardless if you buy the ships or not…!

System information
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Economy: Commercial // Low Supply
Conflict Level: Destructive

Starship information
General Inventory: 12 Slots
Starship Technology: (none? Couldn’t open that inventory)
Dominant Bonus: Hyperdrive


Just found this one. 11 general slots, 4 tech slots. Bonus: 35/58/56 Price: 5.5M
As we can see, this is a variation on the one from the first post, the wings are different, as well as the color. So we now know they can vary not just in color, but also in configuration. Making the perfect combination yet more rare. :stuck_out_tongue:

System information
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Economy: Trading// Promising
Conflict Level: Unstable

Special notes: This is an Atlas Interface Star System.


System information
Dominant Lifeform: Vy’keen
Economy: Research // Balanced
Conflict Level: Low

Starship information
General Inventory: 12 Slots
Starship Technology: Unknown
Dominant Bonus: Hyperdrive


System information
(I have failed you)

Starship information
General Inventory: 16 slots
Starship Technology: showed 8 slots on purchase, but now I can’t access the tech slots at all :sob:
Dominant Bonus: Damage: 48 / Shield: 55 / Hyperdrive: 52


I missed out grabbing a very similar looking ship for much the same reason everyone else has: I don’t want to sell my 48-slot class-C Hauler that I’ve had for since forever for a 16 slot ship of any kind! But I really do want one of these new ships. So now I’m tooling around in a goofy-looking class-B “throwaway” Shuttle in the hopes of finding another one of these cool new ships again soon.

By the way, I’ve only seen them at trading posts. You’ve obviously seen a couple at space stations. Do they land in freighters, as well?

This one was chasing me so I wasn’t able to get its stats


Yes, I’ve personally seen them in freighters and space stations. (Not been around on trading posts too much yet, but no reason to assume they won’t be there as well.)

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This guy popped into my freighter so i was able to purchase it as a secondary ship.
Only 3 or 4 mil.

Damage +45%
Shield +57%
Hyperdrive +55%


Snagged a budget one just now! (~$4mil) Not much to it, but it’s in my hanger.

(Sorry, I’ll add the system info asap)


I came across one that has already been posted but thought I would share a SS. I don’t recall the system and ship specifics. It was at one of the stations with the single landing pad just as I approached it on foot.


:open_mouth: How does that even land!?


The wings can turn around the cockpit, it lands in V formation. Quite an epic ship.