No Man’s Sky—Action Science & Ongoing Projects: Citizen Astronomy, Alienology, Zoology, Botany, Architecture, More

No Man’s Sky

Action Science & Ongoing Projects
Citizen Astronomy, Alienology, Zoology, Botany, Architecture & More


Discuss… Galaxies, Star Systems, Planets, Biomes, Weather, Oceans, Caves, Phenomena, Artemis, Korvax, Gek, Vykeen, Aeron, Atlas, Creatures, Plants, Farming, Mining, Base Building… and similar.

Include screenshots of PHOTO/VIDEO !
Be colorful/detailed, wherever possible.

The purpose of this thread is :telescope::hammer_and_pick: ❝ ACTION SCIENCE ❞ :boom::microscope: …think verbs.
Become an Autodidactic Polymath; meaning self-taught & multi-talented.
Report projects, progress, research and results. Attempt, learn & teach.


Citizen Astronomer, Alientologist, Zoologist, Botanist or Architect, etc…
Upgrades not supplied; Exosuit, Jetpack, Starship and Multi-Tool required.

Dr. Crim then peeks :video_game: out of a hidey hole, :hole::chopsticks: peculiar sounds & colors. :coffee: ❝Uh, checking papers.❞

❝The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness. And through these travels, we come to know ourselves. Take chances, make mistakes, get messy …Explore the singularity!❞

@Crimsontine with wife @Starzia and brother @Viconix

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Thunder waves of positivity. :rocket: ❝Official NO MAN’S SKY Community❞ :revolving_hearts:. Family-friendly appropriate…


❝You’ve Seen Things❞

Past… Present …Future…

What are you doing among the stars?

…the screenshot threads photograph your journey
…now photo/share your actions, your projects
…attempts, studies/research and understandings.

What’s your efforts toward understanding the alien races?

What about creatures? Plants? Resources? …$ Units? etc.

What projects are you attempting? attempted? or planning?

What are your dreams? Asspirations? Goals?

You have passions! …Now what are your actions?

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?What if?



Oh wow, it’s been a while since I saw that. Great reminder :grinning: I found the only way to be sure the space didn’t fill in was to use the terrain manipulator. “Snapping” objects to delete terrain was buggy, and would fill in randomly and inconsistently. Try to keep the surface hole as small as possible, filling it in even with the ground later is difficult (impossible imo). This structure was 7(?) rooms deep, with a 2x3 floor at the bottom.

I would not suggest trying to fill the gaps outside the rooms. The effects of the terrain manipulator can pass through walls, as you can see in this image (this room was clear, it filled after I tried filling the gaps outside).