Ship Types & Classes in 1.3

I’ve put this thread up in the hope others can fill in some blanks as to what starships and classes are the better to aim for.
I persevered with a tricked out C class explorer for so long that now 1.3 is here I’m somewhat at a disadvantage and lost as to what ship of each sort is good to go for now. I figure there’s others out there who don’t quite get the class designations too. Feel free to share what you know :smile:

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S (Super Range)
A (High Range)
B (Mid Range)
C (Low Range)
You can have a pimped out C Class that performs better than a bare bones A Class, but it depends how much storage it has as to whether it’s worth it. For efficiency, I just add Theta/Omega tech to anything now.
I lucked out and got one of those sexy Exotic S Class, very regal, but it’s got small storage so I use it for warping and testing out new ship weaponry. And then there’s the Fighter A Class which I neglect and just leave in my freighter to store some rare stuff. Might take her out for a spin today though. I still use my old Explorer C Class 48 Slotter on planetary missions for sheer storage. They all have different handling. Not sure if having the new Exotic ship will affect crashed ship RNG. I’d like to know, so I can do the cheapskate upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Found out today, that by stacking ship or suit tech like this you get a small % bonus on top of the general increases the tech upgrades give you.


They add up to become quite sizable. Especially in stuff like mining lasers (or boltcasters if you prefer) and ship tech like photon cannon. This is largely due to them using a lot of slots. You could (if you wanted to) also make a huge bonus on stacking all types of hazard shielding, but I prefer to only use the +3 ones to save space there.

We got a topic just for that:

Sorry wasn’t aware, have deleted post. thanks (will delete this too later)

Oh, don’t mind. It’s not wrong to post a ship here, it’s just that if you want the whole list of what ppl have already found, that’s another topic. :slight_smile: