Legacy Ships Tech slots


I truly apologize if this sounds like a rant, bit frustrated because I can’t seem to get an answer from anywhere hopefully you all can help.

Prior to the 1.3 update I had 3 ships, two of them were A-class while the other being C-class. After the update where technology slots were implemented I have zero tech slots for all of them. I have an amazing 48 slot A-class Hauler that I want to keep but I would like to utilize tech slots, when I select technology it states that it is a C-class and it shows 0 slots. Is there a way to either purchase more slots for the ship?. It is very limiting, if these new changes don’t apply to legacy ships it would be doing a great disservice to those of us that have been playing for a year now and have put hundreds of hours into the game.

I reached out to HG and they haven’t been able to give me an answer, hopefully you all can help.


I had the same situation and found ‘old’ ships were no good in the 1.3 galaxy. One of mine was conpletely full of upgrades yet couldn’t fend off more than one pirate. You will need to sell or upgrade to current version ships.
Crashed ships now show up on radar on the surface but require substantial investment to fix.
Sorry for the bad news but it’s been like that for everyone since 1.3 dropped.
Many of us have been forced to delete 100s of hours of game and restart due to bugs caused by old saves.


I truly appreciate the information. It does make me very unhappy, only because I really like my old ships, I think they were perfect for me. Its a shame that it forces us into these corners, its like we’re being punished for being too far along before updates hit. But thank you for the heads up, time to start farming my ass off to make up units.


I also have my old 1.0 48 slot, so without any tech slot. But it’s not a so big trouble. As we can have many ships, i spent time in buying junk ships and use them to find crashed valuable ships (S-class or A with 40+ slots) and/or exchange on my freighter.
Now i have an exotic 60% warp bonus (for war then), a classic S class with 59% damage and 38% shield bonus for fight so i can dismantle most of the technology on my old class C 48 slots and having many free slots. The other advantage is that doesn’t cost much money.

It gives you the time to find another good 48 slots ships with tech slots if you really want one.


I hope I can find one that looks almost identical to the two 48 slot ships I have, both are haulers with an amazing wing span. I just bought another 48 A hauler, I traded in from another junker I bought for extra space.

Another thing that I’ve noticed, and maybe its just my experience, but I don’t see multiple versions of the same ships landing, hopefully thats not the case in all systems.


I feel you. Atlas update forced me to give up my 48 slot freighter (no long range warp drive otherwise). I’m happy about 25 added cargo exosuit slots “to compensate”.


I find the cargo slots work great for carrying supplies to recharge your life support and suit


exactly! and after moving 12 blueprints to tech-only slots, I have half of my general inventory available for loot/farming/etc. No worries now about single available slot in my exotic ship. :slight_smile:


I too had this issue altho my ship was only a 27 slotter so didn’t really mind searching for a new one, I have only two ships at the moment, an S class 17 slotter and an A class 28 slotter, on a side note, for all still with a pre 1.3 ship, they don’t receive damage when colliding with things on planets for what it’s worth, didn’t test in space tho


I think that was a great addition it makes it a lot easier to gather large amounts of resources. I still don’t know how we’re carrying everything but i’m putting it down to crazy advance space tech lol.


Pocket dimension!


Or We’re Mary Poppins Y’all!!


Yeah I agree it’s a breath of fresh air being able to carry so much more, I still can’t help feeling storage containers need to have more slots or upgradable they are slowly being made redundant by our backpacks lol


Storage containers are now for stockpiling nanites/etc - who knows what kind of new blueprints HG would add in 1.4? need to be prepared to shop day 1! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it just bugs me that they are physically bigger than our hand luggage and potentially hold less lol


I have an s-hauler pre 1.3 and sure hell not giving it up unless i find the equivalent.
I kick ass on all those whom dare challenge me.
Yes, i would love to have the new tech but until i find an exotic 48 slot …lol


Mine was just a C class explorer. I needed a freightload of yellow just to keep it alive. I suppose if I had sorted my tech better to get the % bonus it would have been better.
I now have a very similar A class explorer with less tech and it seems much better. Not great but better. Miss the big capacity but I’ll work my way back up.
Got my eye on a wrecked B class 30 slot hauler.
Lots of fixing to do so it can just sit there while I get the $ piling up. Something better might pop up so no rush…its not like its going anywhere :smile:


lol but but there’s a galaxy to explore!!! lol

Ive got the cash 400million+
I have not found my replacement yet!!!


YES, I feel like they should have 10 slots each with holding double of the quantity. They’re huge for no reason lol.


thats awesome, My highest has been 502Mil but thats long gone now lol, i’m at like 120mil or so now.