Increased amount of high-capacity cargo slots?


So I don’t remember for sure but I think pre next I had I believe all 13 of the high-capacity cargo slots. But now I know they’ve been increased because I think now I have 20 something but I heard some people have 48 just like the regular inventory, is this true? To be fair I’ve only heard it on people who started new saves.


There appears to be a difference for those with pre-NEXT saves and new saves:

Pre-NEXT save:

  • Regular - 48
  • Technology - 12
  • Cargo - 25

New NEXT save:

  • Regular - 48
  • Technology - 14
  • Cargo - 48

I can confirm the new saves with NEXT. I am not sure if the difference for pre-NEXT saves is intentional or not, or has been fixed to be the same.

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Thank you. I would hope they make it the same and give everyone the increased amount of slots! That would be weird if they punished us for playing the game for 2 years and wanting to keep our save. I’m assuming and have hope that its just a glitch, but maybe a hard one to fix.


Also make sure to maximise the regular inventory last, as some run into a bug where switching to the other options for adding a slot no longer functions once regular has been maxed out.


My regular inventory has never been maxed. I never really wanted it to be max because to me that’d be like an endgame thing, and once I got to a certain amount I never really rushed getting more slots. So I’ve had 42 now for a long time.

Also I thought 48 cargo slots would be a bit much but I guess that makes sense these days with how many elements we have to carry.


I agree that 48 cargo slots is a bit much, but indeed with all the additional new resources, very useful. Might actually be a proper balance, as it is quite a struggle with inventory when starting out fresh.


I’ve only played legacy saves so had no idea there was an increase till now and I’m getting by just fine without them…still now I know, I want those slots :slight_smile:


I find myself using the extra inventory much more post-NEXT because I can’t transfer items to my ship anymore.


Exactly! It didn’t matter as much to me before because of ship transfer, but since they disabled that for some unjustifiable reason, I’d like more slots.


We’re supposed to be able to send things to the ship from any distance with the teleporter tech installed in it except it’s completely broken…you can only send stuff to it from as far as you can take stuff from it…about 150u.


Yeah, that upgrade is garbage. At 150u, I would just walk back to my ship.


I’ve submitted a couple of bug reports about this to zendesk today…quite frankly I am getting sick and tired of this nonsense…every…bloody…time. Every time legacy saves end up getting screwed in some way and we end up having to bloody ask for some very basic support. If this were the first time this happened it would be more understandable…but it’s not…it’s the exact same bloody issue we had with Atlas Rises when they introduced cargo slots and tech slots for our exosuits. We just spent weeks asking for the blueprint analyzer and the larger refiners and just as we think it’s over it isn’t…because of course it isn’t…it’s never just bloody over. What else are going to find out we’re missing when this eventually gets fixed?


I’m with you on this. Maybe they could have staggered some of these changes to ensure everyone gets them. I understand this is basically a sequel and I know why they didn’t make it a sequel but I still feel like we should be their top priority.