If you're going to restart

And you’re on the PS4 why not just delete all the update data, play No Man’s Sky pre update so you can easily get a 48 slot ship especially something like a fighter and then bring that to the future!

I know this is a bit late but I just thought of that idea reading about people being nostalgic for the ships they’ve had for a long time. I still have my fighter that’s from pre Foundation but it’s not 48 slot. If I ever needed to start a new game I might do this so I can easily get at 48 slot fighter. I’m posting this here because I don’t want the general public to know on Facebook. I figured it’s something we should keep secret.

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At the moment, starting from an old save can be fairly hazardous. I speak from experience, and three corrupted save files.

It’s much safer, right now, to start a new game from the beginning. Once HG have worked the bugs out, it will doubtless be possible to load our old saves without problems. But, for now, I don’t advise it.


It’s not all that difficult to find a 48 slot ship tho if you don’t go looking for one, one would drop in your lap, I’ve found a couple since NEXT😉


Well the problem is finding a 48 slot ship that’s not a hauler. For example I don’t think 48 slot fighter ships exist anymore.

For several reasons…such as no bonuses so its damage/warping/shields are going to be very poor regardless of upgrades…then there is no such thing as tech slots.

Not to mention that what was installed on disc day one was never considered good enough to continue with…Hello Games did specifically ask us to restart the game from scratch after installing the day one patch on the premise that they would never ask us to do so again…so the game as is on disc on PS4 may not create saves compatible with the current version and may create issues of their own.

Also no ship collection or freighter or anything back then…so you’re only bringing forward a not so great ship.

So frankly it’s just a terrible idea all around…not to mention that units aren’t hard to make anymore so you’re better off investing in your exosuit early in the game as that’s upgrades that stay with you for good and won’t need replacing later and then once you can make the 18 mil items to make bank then go shopping for the 38+12 and 48+8 S class ships that are insanely amazing.


Fair enough. I guess I’m just a little miffed cuz I never got a 48 slot fighter when I should have because I assumed they’d always be around. But you are right about playing the game without any patches at all including the day one patch because I think the day one patch wiped saves anyways.


My friend found a 48 slot explorer yesterday in our home system about 800 ly from the etarc hub, I didn’t even know it was possible to still get a full 48 explorer :astonished:


Depends on the version of the game and on how you define a “48 slot explorer”…in the early versions of the game you could just repair crashed ships and most times every new crashed ship would be +1 slot until nearly all crashed ships you found were 48 slots. In the current version of the game the very best of the Fighter and Explorer ships are 38 regular slots plus 12 tech slots…so you could say that’s a 50 slot Explorer…because it is. So maybe the dude found like an A class 36+12 slots or something. They’re not terribly rare to find you just have to know what the wings of that the Explorers who can have max slots look like…the long and giant barrel wings…you can’t miss them. Only one of the wings has to be a long, giant barrel for the ship to have 38+12 at S class so they can be asymetrical.


I just got my friend to double check , it’s 47 slot actually, my bad, and has 5 tech slots to go with it. So 47+5, It’s definitely largest explorer I’ve seen since before they made the ship styles more unique.

He found it in a system called Ircheli VIII near the ETARC hub, I’ll get him to send a screen to share hopefully :slight_smile:



I am starting to think he’s likely confusing the explorer and hauler classes…47+5 sounds just about like an A class hauler.


Yeah that sounds too good to be true.


I seen it myself yesterday, it’s one of the mad looking satellite ones. When I scanned it showed up as 47+5… I’m starting to think now that maybe there’s a bug with scanning ships other players own :thinking:

Will share soon as I get a screen but starting to think it’s too good to be true now too haha, especially since my own ship is a 47 slot hauler with five tech slots :flushed:


I know there’s a bug with scanning when I scan my own ships on my freighter…it’ll show the ammounts of slots of my current active ship not the slots of the ship I’m scanning…you can’t go off a scan alone. You HAVE to verify this stuff…and if a 47+5 slot explorer does actually exist then screenshots would be in order.


Okay so story in full detail as it happened.

Friend called down his new explorer to show it off , I scanned it and it showed the slots, I freaked and said no way you found one with that many slots.

He said he did, it’s why he bought it.

Starting to think he was taking the piss out of me or he misunderstood what I was making a big deal out of and just said “oh yeah, slots, I know what those are, yup.”

I was just sharing the experience in short above while discussion was on old ships and slot sizes, would not have mentioned it otherwise. Said I’d get verification when I could :wink: