This morning's 1.53 patch on PS4 My Save Game is Gone

Just an devistating (for me at least) FYI. I’m not a drama queen, and I hate bitching about anything, but I’m at a loss for words at this point.

After this morning’s patch, I logged in, and my 340 hour saved game was wiped out. I have nothing.
I had S class multitool
All four squid ships
Two exotic S classes
350 million in game currency
Several very elaborate bases that I spent over 30 hours making since the NEXT upgrade.
Now there is no freighter, no bases, can’t teleport anywhere.
This game has been my favorite game of all time, that relaxed me from the stress in my life.

I took a 9 day vacation starting the day NEXT came out. I played more than 12 hours a day every day to complete several bases that were awesome ( to me at least), not counting the hours of exploration, etc.
I have sent Hello Games a bug report. I pray they can give me my save back.

Deflated, exhausted traveller.

Sorry to hear for your loss, don’t initialise if you haven’t already and try not save if you have.

I believe they’re still correcting this issue and the next patch will help even more people with this issue.

Do you maybe have another save file or two you like to use you can try in the meantime while you wait? If not perhaps starting a new save to experience what a fresh start is like with next might be a nice way to pass the time.

My friend got this bug also last week but was fixed by 1.51 on ps4, however recent advances on PC patching has mentioned more people still with this issue are being fixed in upcoming fixes, so next console patch will maybe have these further fixes too.

Hope you can recover yours come next patch :slight_smile:


Thank you Toddumptious. When I logged in and saw that everything was gone, I logged back out asap and I won’t be playing or logging in at all until they fix it.
I’m afraid to do anything at this point. I have some other games I’ll play in the meantime until more patches come out.
I’m even afraid to start a new save because I’m afraid I will lose that one too. I’ll just wait it out, and hopefully all will be restored. I love the game so much, and I know upgrades as huge as NEXT will have issues a time or two. This is the first time in my gaming history, that I’ve had a saved game disappear so I’m really panicky about it.

I will update after their next patch to see if all is well.

Happy Travels!


It might not hurt to also submit a report to the ni mans sky zendesk so they know this issue still persists with 1.53 :slight_smile:

Hope they get to fixing your issue soon, safe travels interloper


Try attaching your save file to a zendesk ticket…that way Hello Games will know what your issue is and will have your save file to try to figure out what is wrong.


If you have plus you may have a back up online, but if not, after this gets fixed always back up your save. Good luck.


Could you not try downloading it from the automatic update system on the PS4?

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Dude that sucks so effin bad. A bug just effed me as well. Not on the level as you but jesus…

We demand Justice! These updates are not ready for release.

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Thank you DarthTrethon,

I left a ticket with Zendesk. Hopefully they can resolve this. I have been googling, and saw this happened to other people on the Reddit forum.

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I just downloaded my save from the ps4 backup, and in at the exact time of 264 hours now that I was when Next downloaded. I’ll mess around and see what happens.

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Yeah it really does Kornssj. I’m hoping they will get a fix it patch soon.

Thank you, but I don’t have Plus yet. I heard Plus has a few issues from the update.

Thank you again, everyone for your support. It really helps me stay positive.

Happy Traveling!

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PlayStation Plus doesn’t have any issues that’s not a thing. Playing multiplayer I guess I has some issues I don’t know. But it sounds like you managed to get your save from your PS4 onto a flash drive which is good.

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Thanks Sara,

I won’t play multiplayer. I’m in my own little world in No Mans Sky :smiley: I did manage to get the save I had downloaded to my flash drive from before NEXT came out. So I have lost 80 hours of gameplay, but at least I have my squid ships, S class multitool, and Freighter. From now on, I will re download all my saves before downloading any patch. In fact I have to go turn off auto download on my PS4 right now.

Have a lovely weekend and happy traveling!