Early Morning Hotfix PS4 - Hooray!

This morning about 3 am there was a hotfix applied on my PS4 for No Man’s Sky.
I got my squid ships back finally.
Was able to use the fleet command module finally.
Lag is still a really bad issue that I never had on PS4 before the patch, so I have to reload a lot.
That being said, its the most beautiful upgrade I’ve ever seen in any game I’ve played.
I love you Hello Games!

Happy Traveling!


Yep. I got my ships back but I also got my game glitch back. :cry:
I gave up and began a fresh start…nearly died in my noob confusion but I made it.
No wonder so many players die on start up. It’s a deadly stepping stone race :crazy_face:


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Thank you Sheralmyst!
Thats really nice of you to do. I just downloaded another hotfix. not 1.52 on ps4 so will check it out after work tonight to see what it is. Time to sleep.

Happy Traveling everyone!