NEXT First Impressions

So I just thought we’d drop our random first expressions here about the NEXT update.

I’m loving my first 30min of game time so far, especially that after all that waiting I find myself respawned on a planet called … Jorge… obviously a Spanish planet but nevertheless, I have one important question…





Someone will. You might as well be the first to chronicle the results. :scream:


Is the “Next Update” already included on the Xbox one disc? Or will you have to download the " Next Update" after installing No man’s sky hard game?

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I can bet’ya NEXT is there from the get-go. It’s a new release on XBOX with all the features included. You can also purchase the game digitally but either way there might be a downloadable part to it. But you only pay once because Hello Games are awesomeness.

Here’s a screenshot I took mid-running with my HUD disabled:

Title: Night-time in toxic lands


Can’t remember what was in my freighter storage pre-NEXT, but it’s all Ferrite now.

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A good hour in. Currently, I’m lost in a massive cave, which is good because it’s -80F outside, which is more than my suit can handle, and the resource I need to keep what little shielding I have active, is scarce. And my scanner is broke. I did manage to find a ship, but like last time it’s broke as well, and determining what I need to repair it is impossible because there are messages appearing and disappearing all over the HUD. I see there is an update already… unfortunately I can’t save. I think I might survive this. I managed to refine some rock dust and make an O2 filter which should extend my ability to breathe. I tried to take a selfie.


I’m going to pin this topic to the NMS subforum so that everyone can get hyped up together before we start splitting things off into a slightly more organized structure.


Ok. My freighter is here with all my ships. But my beautiful planet is a desolate, brown wasteland and my base is completely gone.
I am floored…this is awesome! I feel so lost and yet I am loving every second of it.


I really recommend starting from a new save… as the only thing that seems to carry over into NEXT are the units and the nanites, ships and freighter… but if you start this game uber-rich from the get go, I feel the survival aspects in the early-game (with it’s lore pieces added in mind you) go lost…

I’m following the tutorial quests and I had to build a tiny wooden shelter on a scorching planet for mere survival, and yea - I wouldn’t have had that immersive experience if I was uber-rich (which my other save is).

Just make a back-up and try both ways, I’m sure you’ll find very soon what you feel like doing :smiley:


Answer: Yes! I discovered some after landing at an outpost taking a little stroll… initially hesitated, but figured I’d use the outpost for cover if sentinels got rowdy… Opened up and claimed my first 3 NEXT Albumen Pearls - which are just the same as regular APs except Sentinels don’t give a monkeys :monkey_face:!


I have to agree with you… Starting anew is like playing NMS2 - I damn near died, 1 hit point from death, no scanner to find zinc…I mean sodium!.. Just felt so disorientated which is how I guess you would feel being thrust into this ‘dream’ state of a traveller… Stumbled into some sodium and regained my neutral bearings :rofl:

Taking my time and loving it so far on normal mode, now in orbit of starting planet… To the space station OR signal?? Decisions decisions… Happy travels everyone! :peace_symbol: :rocket:


Here is my first improvised base in this game, using only the starter blueprints available in a new save.


And there we were thinking 1.3 was stunning… Must check out @LPlaysGaming initial reactions, he’s always an enthusiastic jipper!


Just caught some IGN stream where someone touched some sort of eggs…

He was then CHASED by creatures very reminiscent of the wide-bone-head KILLER aliens from PITCH BLACK … and they were ANGRY…

Other than that,
I thought eggs was where we are supposed to find those… PEARLS…?!? (Gek pearls?!)


Hey @Captain_Jack – I’m SO sorry… but I couldn’t help myself… I LAUGHED…

I DO hope you find a good way out of your predicament…!

OR… the new features allow a fellow player, ready with the update, to come to your aid, and bring some useful supplies…?


Maybe I was lucky or perhaps it’s a new type of egg… I did hear something about these horrific xenos being included - similar to that popular mod that wellknown guy made (whose name /mod I can’t remember lol!)

hahaha I had to laugh aswell man… the selfie says it all :joy::joy::joy:
Good luck fellow traveller!


@sheralmyst – try ORBITING the planet… is it 100% barren…?!? :open_mouth: :frowning:

@Kryzla – SPAC STATION — try the AVATAR EDITOR thingy!