All Leaked NEXT Footage [SPOILERS]

This thread is for sharing and discussing leaked footage of the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, for those interested in watching them. I thought that making a new topic specifically for these videos would be a good idea, so as not to inundate the regular video thread with spoilers.

Obviously anyone that opened this thread is not afraid if spoilers, but please wrap links in detail tags anyway, just to be sure. :blush:

There are currently about 13 videos. Thanks to @DarthTrethon for bringing videos 7-13 to our attention. They are all linked below.

13 Next Gameplay Videos

This is a series. Includes base building, new caves and hazardous plants(!), new freighter interior, and more.

  1. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 1 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  2. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 2 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  3. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 3 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  4. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 4 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  5. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 5 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  6. No Mans Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 6 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  7. [Capital Ship, space walking] No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 7 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  8. No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 8 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  9. [Huge, awesome animals, big bushes, great clouds] No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 9 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  10. [Boarding frigates, space walk] No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 10 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  11. [New clouds] No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 11 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  12. [Multiplayer Encounter, Part 1] MULTIPLAYER ENCOUNT No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 13 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube

  13. [Multiplayer Encounter, Part 2] MULTIPLAYER ENCOUNT No Man's Sky NEXT Gameplay Part 12 Xbox LEAKED - YouTube


Don’t know if anyone knew this but I had to share the moment I saw it


in the video topic There are 3 vids from Architect


Thanks, didn’t notice. I Can’t wait to play NEXT week


These may be from the people that won the raffle on Twitch.

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One thing I have noticed, NPC s in space stations are less expressive in their faces, they don’t blink etc, now it may be a bug or something fixed with a patch…

But I’m perfectly okay if certain aspects have to take a hit to allow for all this amazing new features and our extremely expressive character models.

I haven’t watched passed the first video, seen more than enough now, happy to be surprised by the rest :slight_smile:

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Might also just be people who got the Xbox version from a retailer early. Some stores occasionally stock games before release date.

It seems like there is only one person uploading videos atm, with of course a bunch of youtubers reposting them.


On the other hand, they seem to move their bodies and arms in more expressive ways…

I wonder if they cut back on facial animations so they could focus more on the emote-type movements that players have now.

Also wonder why none of the NPCs walk around, since they clearly must have the animations for it.


Guess it’d be too messy pathfinding wise, though space stations are one of the few places they’d run into the pathfinding issues created by procgen…

So yeah, it’s definitely within their limits since they’ll know the space station layout and can program the AI accordingly.

Might have proven to be more a hinderence to moving about freely for the player if gek etc kept getting in the way, so maybe the avoided it?

I love how animated the bodies are, theres a nice dynamic throughout the movements.


Spoilers are fun but beyond the initial sneak-peak I’m not looking anymore. I want to dive in headfirst for myself.
I want to be stunned by visuals, confused by controller changes, overwhelmed by improvements and lost in the discoveries. :crazy_face:


I was a bit afraid of that. Most of the infrastructure is there now, but the AI probably didn’t make it yet. I hope it’ll be on the priority list for the next update. I mean, the next after NEXT. Dammit HG, that title will cause confusion for eons to come! :smile:


Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that if this is indeed the Xbox version… Well, that disk was probably printed months ago, and will probably get a significant patch come Tuesday.

Who knows how many last minute improvements HG has made since the disks were made… (though I’m only expecting and super excited to get the stuff we see here!)


That is very true! Didn’t think of that. The update may not be on the disk that was printed some time ago so there will liekly be a few added things.


I wouldn’t say months ago but weeks ago certainly…around a month before release day or so is when physical boxes hit the production lines…but yeah, the first day patch may be huge…the ARG did refer to this as 1.5 and what’s on disc is 1.4.


From what I know, 3.6GB on disk, plus a download of 4.8GB to update to NEXT (original XBox One)


Did the Xbox owners receive a patch already? I was under the impression it had been confirmed that NEXT would be on-disc for Xbox.

Hmm…I wonder what’s just on the base disc for the XB1 then…because it sounds like it’s missing more than half of the game.

3.55gb fits close to what I remember Vanilla being in size (was it 2.9gb or am I way off?) . The network download could be all updates as far as 1.38.

Id say the update will be downloading assets to replace things currently on system so the overall size shouldnt increase too much but I expect the patch to be between the 4gb to 10gb range for existing owners in PC/PS4… Just a guess though.

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Well it’s definitely beyond 1.38 based on what’s been shown in the leaked footage, that’s for sure. Still…a lot of people bought this expecting NEXT to be on disc…some were even saying that NEXT was confirmed to be on disc by 505…I don’t know if that’s true.

Just relaying what I know, but 4.81GB seems way too large to just be a patch. I agree that 3.55GB seems small for the base game, but is likely correct, if the NEXT update totals it to 8.36GB.

I believe the initial PS4 release was said to be 6GB on disk, while listed in the store as 3.67GB. Checking my Steam folder, it shows about 6GB total.