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Our journey continues with yet another sci-fi…

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Purge thy Sanity!

May the force be with thy trigger finger :selfie:

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
Post your awesome NEXT screenshots here!
Damn it, PancakeLord! an NMS documentary
Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan
Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan
Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan
Some Help for Beginners
Stargate Command
New Emote Got Me Like
The new base; Pacman Island
Videos v1.7
The new underwater base
Underwater Subteranian Bunker. Soon to be hydroponics
Screenshots v1.5-1.77
Video for Round 1 of the Galactic Hub Anniversary Tournament
No Man's Sky Weather Effect Ideas!
No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
No mans sky live action video coming soon

Imprisoned Beauty

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What if flowing rivers, rapids, streams, creaks, bubbling brooks and majestic waterfalls,
even falling leaves, were added to No Man’s Sky? - NEXT v1.5 drops July 24th. TODAY!

What’s the future? - #WHATIS1.6?

OK, OK, OK… “Crim, focus on 1.5.” ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Sorry.


No Man’s Sky Next Trailer



Wow, we mentioned dark, spooky, lifelessly undiscovered, ringed planets,
“Increasing Variety Unknown” :trophy: “Increasing Multiplayer Interactions”.
Now I sit here worrying about HG health, that maybe they push too hard.

This well deserved trophy is shared, you for being the #1 video sharer ever.
Nobody has shared more here. And Hello Games for working the spectacular.



I almost got lost with all the new threads! lol

Here’s a first 30 minutes of gameplay video with NO COMMENTARY and music boosted over sound effects because I just loved it that much. PC, of course. :wink:

This was literally my first new Normal Save! Very pleased with how it turned out!! Hoping to get going on new cinematic videos soon enough!

Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan

Testing Build height.

For Sciennnnnnnnnnnnnnnce !!!




Ahhhh, that new forum thread smell… Made a quick tutorial for the new method of finding Monoliths and Portals, for those who are very new or very confused. lol :wink:


I’m making a community video! I posted a thread, but it gut buried pretty quickly.

I have 1 submission so far so you should totally try and help make this a thing!

Edit: I have a few more entries woohoo :slight_smile:

Edit: a handful of entries so far, keep 'em coming!

Edit: I have about a dozen entries so far, feel free to send me one!

Edit: Close to 20 now, about 36 hours left until the deadline :grinning:

Edit 2: Here is the thread I created for further info: I'm making a community video! Send your clips in!



You could have linked your topic for submissions for the community video you are making. Feel free to edit your above post to include the forum url.


Okay, I went ahead and added the link. Good idea DevilinPixy




So cool and creepy. Can you use the Trade Terminal in these derelict stations?


Yep, trade terminals still work, probably because they are connected to the galactic internet.