Possible Cities In NEXT!


Ahhh, what? Please, check your link!



I was just having this discussion on another thread. I didn’t think the cover art could make me more excited…but I was wrong.

However at a first glance, one would assume that those could be then same tall red crystals that we see in the foreground. So, I think it is a bit early to say that cities are confirmed.


WOW, I’m so hyped right now

This is not a confirmation, just an interpretation of a promotional image that might possibly indicate something that is being considered.


Nothing confirmed, just speculation. In other words, until anything is revealed…FAKE NEWS and CLICK BAIT! -)

I think it will be just more options for building bases/complex. Maybe less round/curved shapes and more angular shapes.



Well, whomever drew that, was thinking on a cityscape at distance… I find the lines and size out of line with the cristaline formations… But I also remember previous artwork that was not an accurate representation of what we got. Beyond something so in our faces like co-op and third-person models, I would advice against taking artistic renderings at face value…


To me the skyline seems too close to suggest a city.
I’m thinking it looks more like the antennae on large NPC base.


When I saw that, my thought was not cities but more like more complex “monoliths”. Not just a random shape you can interact with or a piece of bridge with a small tower on it and flags. I was thinking they might be larger and more flamboyant and monolith types that might require the help of a friend to activate and open up to gather something inside.

Just a guess. But better not to expect ANYTHING but a player character. Dont even expect multiplayer. Expect just the character. Play it safe.


I think you can change the title back to “confirmed” :joy:


Weird… Cities seem to have disappeared on new twitter official pic…

What’s the source of the variant with the city? That is not in the cover art extracted from the NMS website or any of the similar images posted by HG…so where did the variant with the city appear?

The next update is sounding more and more exciting with each post I read.

I’m also nervous about PvP but i don’t think it will be much trouble considering your mostly playing the game alone anyways.

Ah found it…official Xbox video here at the 12 second mark…might be an intended clue only for those watching the Inside Xbox event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=StzNDXjFdJM

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Im looking foward to multiplayer the most but the second thing im am looking foward to is more advanced and aesthetic looking base building. Currently the majority of bases I’be seen look like hamster cages in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, they still look nice, and I once wished I could live in a hamster cage as they looked like alot of fun when I was 5. But I’d like to build a base that looks more like Tony Stark’s house or Wakanda. Lol. I know that is alot to ask as its not easy to program but it would be nice.

However, i’d settle if we can atleast go from hamster cages to maybe… Hamster palaces like this below. Lol.



Since NMS uses havock having fully destructible buildings is very possible. Play EDF and you’ll see the have had destructible enviroments since PS2. They haven’t implemented 80% of the engines power at all. If the guy they hired is the guru they claim, expect alot

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My biggest hope is that each player will be allowed to build several bases on one planet or even within a system…if need be they could limit the teleport to base function to just one spot and then you’d need to go by ship or exocraft to your other bases. But it would be amazing to not be so restricted by that dreadful build cap.


I really hope so! I’d want teleportation between my bases though. Actually, that’d be a great idea for optional new building tech. Could be resource-expensive like a Trade Terminal, but very worth it.

Owning multiple bases could unbalance things during earlier gameplay though. Could handle that by requiring buying “building permits” for each base. First is free, additional ones increasingly expensive. (general permits, so you could still relocate any base).

Heh, there I go giving suggestions for an update that’s basically done at this point…


I don’t see how it would be that unbalancing…not really…if you know what you’re doing you can make more than enough units with one base…in the right system you could be constantly producing 18 mil products without leaving the system as is. I don’t really think that limiting or unlimiting base building would do anything for the balance of the game.

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