What is next for No Man's Sky? (Not Meant to be Negative)

I haven’t been able to get in to the new update, I gave it sometime and a lot of chances but the fun seems to have been drained from NMS. Seems Grindy. More so then it used to be. Multiplayer doesn’t seem to fit either, personally it would have like it better if another player wasn’t marked so decisively. Maybe there should be a radius bubble around a player so that he/she isn’t seen till you are in their bubble. And the story is hollow and hard to follow (doesn’t fit and pointless). However I love the changes to the galaxy map, and the varieties of planets to some degree, though they are still monotonous. I’d rather them focus on more variety in the game then adding any more story and pull back some of the multiplayer too…As far as the multiplayer goes, I think that there should be more mystery with it, this game is about discovery and its at its best when that is the goal. When running up to a ship you should be wondering if that is a NPC or a Player. Players in my opinion should not be so boldly marked.

Anyways I don’t want this to be a bashing thread, but I think Sean Murray lost some of his original vision with this latest update…so what are things that Hello Games can do to bring it back around? Or am I alone in this? Do you want less focus on multiplayer, and more focus on the verity on planets and spaceships, space stations, buildings Etc?

Please give me your thoughts on what will make NMS great!


Hi Fullman!
Honestly, I’m a little scared, since it does seem like NMS may be getting close to “complete” meaning there isn’t a lot of big new features they can add to the game that will greatly affect gameplay.

They can certainly enhance what is there. More planet/ship/NPC variety. More story/lore. More features to multiplayer. But I can’t think of any totally new thing that would be a game-changer.

I’m ok with that, since I love the game as it is and anything else will enhance it a little more, but my dream of it becoming super popular and widely known as “the best game ever” will probably never happen, even if I personally believe it.

I am hoping they surprise us with something I’m not expecting.


To be honest I loved the new characters in Atlas Rises. I wish they were a recurring thing and each character had a base, a ship, Multitool,etc. These characters make the universe seem a bit less fake,but I wish the normal NPC’S were as opinionated and had as much emotion as Apollo for instance.

We need Wingmen that can die with you in battle, like in the previous release footy. I’d like to have it be in Survival mode that if u die in space,u lose ur ship,boom it’s gone. This was another pre release feature that got axed due to hand holding.

.No Mans Sky is so far from being complete, at least I hope that’s how people think? Still major areas need basic game design upgrades,such as Creature AI, more advanced Operation Centers and Manufacturing Facilities,the ability to have enemies in space to use their own Cyclotron Ballistas and Missiles and Positron Electors and not just be limited to phase beam and cannons. Should be planet where they’re Walkers roaming. Needs more than 3 ground enemy types. Should be Turrets to shoot at the player at certain MF’S and OPC’s, not just 2 weak ass Drones and a lame door,etc. Etc. Etc.

More varied enemies and more dynamic enemy spawns.

They need to introduce real Co-op with player models full synching of games,etc.

Make Caves have diffe re nr textures dependent on planet type,but evert now and then break those parameters on purpose to get wow moments.

Pets need to be introduced,I would love to take a certain creature home with me or better yet on my travels,keeping it fed,alive,etc. Would be neato.

Mainly I just want better creature AI and less creature pop in. I don’t even explore planets with creatures because on Ps4, u will be walking around an area with 0 life, then suddenly I’m mining a tree and 5 preds will literally spawn right in front of me, scream in some god awfully electronic derpy synthy voice,and jump scare me to death. Not a fun time. Increased variety of creature voices too. Not that same sqeaul and screech over and over again lol.

This is what NMS needs. Imho of course : D


I feel like they’ve only touched the surface of what the story has to offer. And while there’s lots of neat room for gameplay expansion and new features, to be honest I’m mostly excited to see where the story, the lore, and the characters go next.

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We have no idea…but Hello Games do and they’ve been working on it since Atlas Rises launched…so we’ll find out when they tell us. Things I suspect to happen at some point before Hello Games are done working on the game are Freighters, in game atlas passes, and Space Stations will likely be overhauled. Space Stations are practically identical with little variation and little purpose to the side rooms…and on that same note the Atlas Passes serve little purpose. And I think that some of the new exotic ships practically give away the fact that freighters will be completely redesigned…likely to receive more tech as well. Now whether these things will be part of the ext update or another one after that I don’t know but I am convinced they are in line for overhauls.


I’ve got a feeling that more time and resources are being put into developing HG’s next game than completing this one… I could say things, angry things. I will bite my tongue.

I’d love to see an Exotic Freighter, that has so much potential to be an amazing design seeing as what they’ve done with the exotic ships.

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I’m expecting collaborative play to be more developed utilising the portals for missions & to create a reason for some of the barely utilised features we currently have.
This past update (& patches) honed the graphics & set the stage for the final game appearance & also implemented better detailed lore to stitch it all together.
I’m confused over the sentinel components in back rooms plus there is a green terminal in the back rooms that the graphics simply don’t look finished, leading me to suspect more to happen in regards to space stations & back rooms. (Much like the portals prior to 1.3 were not as refined…or working)
The servers detailing the Atlas’ demise, suggest there is more lore/storyline coming & the failed boundary ring structures are yet to reveal their purpose. I’m thinking a new threat to the Atlas universe maybe. There is already lore hinting at looking into the sentinels more.
Apart from refinements, I would not expect animals, bases or ships to change much or for any customisable ship features to come. Possibly colours or decals but I’m inclined to think not. The design of the game does not lend itself to customised components beyond tech upgrades.
I do think freighter interiors may get an overhaul as they are still quite basic & the issue with tall S exptic ships not fitting, indicates to me that the freighters are not fully done with.
Also, I wonder if the portals & S class exotics may in fact be made interactive. Maybe taken through a portal or a ring structure? There does seem to quite a bit of spheres and tunnel stuff going on.
I simply wonder how much more the NMS world can be altered yet not lose the essence of what it is.


I would see localized stories developing in different regions of the universe that would only trigger if you live there for a while. That would push people to explore these regions.


Hey Mac!

Something that we’re not expecting would be awesome! I hope that in their mind they are not close to completion, but like @ALCHEMlST stated maybe they are starting to work on their next title…true to form HG is silent, allowing for us to only speculate what they are doing.

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These are the little touches that NMS needs. You know those single room Shelters that have usually 1 bed,or a single chair,a single Nanites cluster device,shield recharge machine,etc. They’re should be procedural notes and things left behind on certain planets in these shelters. Could simply be more flavor text,better than nothing.

And in doing this you would also need a journal to save and record your findings just like your discovery page does for Plants,animals,animals and Way points

I wanna hear,read,or best of all See how some godforsaken GEK down on his luck repaired his ship,hunkered down during a storm,avoided the T Rex,and blasted off into space,or conversely bit the dust and lead to its crashed ship.

Would be super cool if they added in these little stories to each planet,could work similar to the text with the new mission board. Then perhaps some of these notes left behind at these shelters could have coordinates in them,leading to POI’s, crashed ships,frighters,and even abandoned Bases,which would be a new POI obviously.

Would make more sense to me than just asking some random Grah for directions at a TP or SS. This way it adds meaningfull text and gives you a sense of community,even if it’s just text. Feels like you’re traversing an actual explorable but dangerous Universe. ATM NPC’S have no flavor,no emotion. These notes could give emotion and attitude to NPC’s.

Cherry on top woukd be to have the desendants from these notes, and for them be the traders and such that u find in SS’s an Trading Posts. And have these NPC’S reference their great great Grahdaddys demise on Omicron VII? :DDDD

Wouod make exploring already inhabited planets more alive and give some time flow to the game. Everything seems,so static and unchanhed. Reading notes about a fellow Traveler or NPC on a particular world that was a blazing hot inferno in that time,but by the time you’ve stumbled upon it and found this note the planet was a dead moon,I think,would be pretty cool and not very taxing. Could just be flavor text and still add novelty to every planet. Maybe add in upgrades to your tech in order to decipher more and more,etc.

Then of course you need to have the truly unexplored planets,where nobody has been their and yiu could make your own notes for fellow travelers. And more than just comm balls. But actual stories that u could save in your journal. That’s Scifi. That’s what I want


I couldn’t agree more with the idea of “procedural” notes found in buildings. In fact, I think they should use machine learning to generate the notes. This can be done easily by amateur computer programmers, as seen in the video below. Having simple AI generate text instead of always reading from a set script would go a long way to adding a plethora of variety to the game and if we get really weird nonsense text, it can be chalked up to bad alien translation or glitches in reality.

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Since Sean said this game is his passion and that it’s a long term thing, I assume there are many updates coming down the road. Whether they would magically convert you over to the passion for NMS that many of us have, I doubt it. I, like many, have enjoyed this game since day 1. Others started enjoying it with the updates. I personally can’t get enough of just exploring the planets. I hope there continues to be more development along those fronts. More of everything/variety on the planets: weather, terrain, animals, surprises, rare items/animals, and so on. It’s beyond my favorite game of all-time though already so anything else is just icing on the cake. There are many games on the market but there’s just nothing to compare to NMS if you like just pure ol’ endless exploration. Just something about landing on a planet that you like (most for me) and knowing I can explore every inch of it if I choose or I can land and say, ‘next’. You can skoot off to your own corner of the universe/galaxy or you can team up with some friends and explore/meet-up. Some of these olympic games/races that some are doing/planning are also something to check out down the road.

What do I expect next? Who knows… All I know it will be more good stuff I’m sure. Will it get you into the game more? Probably not if you’re not by now.


Oh I’m super into the game. I was just thinking of a low resource way to add to the back story of each planet.

I really can’t wait to see what 1.4 brings us. I’m expecting more synchronous MP which would be a dream.

The story is great, I love 1.3 but “center of the universe”, still doesn’t cut it for me. Things start to get “same-y”, “grind-y”… The game needs a truly unpredictable element. Instead of just finding species, planets, etc. we should add “each other” to that list. That mechanic can be used in various ways:

a). Finding Others: Piggybacking on the original idea of the HUB (to meet up and find each other), this could become a social tool, where every player met is added to your collection of people/friends, etc. Should the need arise these collections could become the building blocks for leadership / government roles in colony building (MMO/DLC).

b). Bounty Hunting: This will have to be an opt-in form of gameplay, ideally initiated from a portal: The hunter will have a locator that gives a rough location of their target at all times, working on a hot or cold proximity principle. Those being hunted have a natural advantage of steering the search so they will be given a disadvantage. They will only be warned when their bounty hunter is in their solar system and when a bounty hunter has landed on the same planet they are on. From there you could have something as easy as the bounty hunter tagging (having a visual) of the other player with their scanner (“F”) as they would scan fauna, or go all out with combat (space fighter / on foot).

Other Bigger DLC ideas:

c). Colonization : Terraforming, Landscaping, City building. Instead of searching for the perfect planet, let players build their own. I’d have a unique “building currency” players accumulator as they terraform. The building currency will be used to purchase / blueprints. Not all planets will be the same. A currency multiplier should be added to more severe/hostile biomes. Naturally, the more elaborate a blueprint is the more it will cost. Ideally this will lead to players being able to build cities.

d). Zoologist : Quests from researching, rescuing, collecting, breeding… Give players the tools to create their own creatures. The breeding aspect will keep new species workable within the game. The big plus here is that the community will be building unique species into the game so Hello Games developers don’t have to. (DLC).

e). Space Ship design, repair, detailing, sales / business. Players can now sell their unwanted space ships/ freighter. Similar to the Zoologist, players get the tools to build components and design their own spaceship designs. These ships can then be ordered by other players through space station kiosks.


Love the bounty hunter vs outlaw idea.
Imagine scuttling across the systems either following prey in the galactic map or simply being alerted if your assigned bounty hunter is nearby.
Whoever wins get a small reward. Make it about the chase not the prize.
Be a fun, voluntary thing that works side by side with the rest of the game. Would need a bit more multiplayer interaction but not much.
If an outlaw wins 5 times or survives a set time limit they become legendary and it becomes a free-for-all to catch them. Once they have been caught, then things simply go back to normal again.

No they wont stop working on the game yet I dont get what you are thinking there will be more updates!

I dont think they will stop updating until they reach 2.0 we still got a while I’m sure and when 1.3 came out they said our journey continues! And at the of the 1.3 trailer they said much more will follow!

I disagree I think ship customization and stuff can happen.

I think the next update is obvious: Multiplayer/coop update. I mean, we already have the “joint exploration”, but I don’t think they want to stay there.

So, here’s a list of changes I that think the next update will bring to the game:

-A visible player character, as one of the 4th race aliens. (Maybe with character customization)

-Visible ships/freighters from other players.

-Trading ships/resources between players

-Activation of the holo terminus to speak with other players in other planet/system (maybe even galaxy)

But if we know something for sure is that the next update will come shaped by our actions in the second part of the ARG

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