With atlas rises adding in a “multiplayer function” that has much to be desired. And with a promise of more strps towards a full multiplayer im a interested to know what you guys think it’ll look and play like… Discuss :open_hands:

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As a mostly solo NMS player I’m hoping MP will be optional. I like base sharing & crossing paths with others but being forced into multiplayer won’t appeal to me personally in NMS. The solo experience was a large part of the appeal to many players.
However, to answer your query, I’m thinking that an increase in multiplayer is very likely & might go something like this:

I’m thinking that the orb thing might remain but that upon a scan, another player will see a custom character you’ve built in a screen similar to the NPC conversations. This would be in keeping with the older styling of the game, the game lore (glitches) plus is more workable codewise.
Moving character multiplayer is incredibly complex & I just don’t see it happening. With exploration at the core of the game’s design, its more likely that efforts will be more focussed in that direction. Better, more varied environments and creature activity & more seamless rendering.
I actually like the orbs & would rather see development on interaction, than worrying about the eye candy. The more complex the code, the more chance for bugs. We don’t want bugs.

It would be fantastic to be able to see the other player’s ships & this should be possible given the platform & code already in place. This is something I really want to have added.

I’m thinking the interactions will likely be voluntary work-together missions but I strongly doubt there will be any PVP. More likely salvage
& rescue missions.
It would be good to be able to trade with other players.

So long as alterations to the way things work now still allow a solo player the freedom the game has always offered without forcing them offline, I’m interested to see what HG comes up with.


Exactly. The whole point of the game was to feel insignificant and small. I remember wandering around my starter planet thinking this game is vast, (back in the day before Exocraft) and then when I finally got off-world and into space and saw another three planets in the system, the realisation hit me that I could do all that exploring again on those planets.

And then of course, I opened the Galactic Map… :astonished:


That first time after you wandered about for hours in your own system and finally used the map, I was awestruck. I tried zipping along in the map and it just kept on going!
Early day players were very, very small.
I even got shot down in my first week & was left wandering about on an ocean planet looking for repair materials for ages, while my ship was deep in the ocean. I wander why they removed that feature? It made sense but was an epic challenge.


I know right? I’ve got a very, “What’s over that ridge? What’s behind that mountain? I’ll just go over here…” sort of mind. I remember playing Zelda, Ocarina of Time and being disappointed at meeting the invisible wall of the map limits.

1 1/2 years on and I still play this game consistently, sure I’ve broke off to play another game for a month or two, but there’s nothing quite like this game, it’s so unique.


I discovered an exploit in the Mad Max game which allowed you to get beyond the map boundary.
I drove through miles of desert ranges & plains before I eventually ran out of fuel (& spare fuel) and walked. I was eventually killed in a dust storm.
It turns out the map is about 5 times the actual game area. For reasons unknown the geography is massive yet unused.
NMS has that same awe inspiring curiosty raising quality of " I’ll just go a bit further".


It says in the Ringwheels lore somewhere that we started discovering one another and in the end there would be no one left, we all just crying as one… Don’t know what that means though. Some student archeologist found out that the latest update invoked a climate change, hence the many worlds without trees or just a few and all the lifeless ones etc.
What I would like to see is a combined effort in farming , including growing trees ourselves too and together with the aliens find solutions ourselves to better all these worlds…
I would like a more interactive communication with the 3 races. Not so much multiplayer though. I like the solitude of the game…


I feel the same. I’m hoping MP will be given it’s own “mode” so it has its own separate save file.

I can’t help but believe that being able to see each other’s ships and characters would increase the lag too much, but if they can find a way to optimize it, that might not happen.


The Key to any games success for me is Options. If it has options and the developers of an online game respect its player base then it is the game for me. Most of the games I have quit were either less filled with options or the game became a cesspool of disrespect for players who put in many hours into the game.

I would like to see a PVP mode that most of the PVP community are into be just for them. I just like the Normal Mode and I don’t mind just meeting people and seeing their bases from that mode :slight_smile:

Keep Hoping That Hello Games Will Keep Giving Us Options And Respect :smile:

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Trouble is, “PVP” and “cesspool of disrespect” mean pretty much the same thing.


Beating each other up with respect and expecting it from each other isn’t what I mean :slight_smile: The Disrespect comes from the Game Designers going back on their own Vision. Seen it with other Online games as they grew larger or grew more into development. People coming online to beat each other up is not the problem as they choose to do so. But being treated like Poop on a Stick by the Developers mean I am gone from playing their game.

Here are some examples of Treating me bad:

  • Putting in Game mechanics that assume I am Cheating.

  • Putting in Elements of other Genres (Survival, Creative, PVP, Exploration, Strategy, FPS,RPG, Etc) of Games without choices of omitting them from my game play.

  • Putting in Secretive Mechanisms that extract money from my pocket beyond the Subscription and or Price of the Game.

There Is Always The Option To Quit :wink:


In my opinion, the disrespect comes, most of the time, from other “players” who can’t accept to lose a fight (trash talking), try to cheat etc…
NMS is more a “peacefull” game, not really made for PvP. I can imagine a coop mode, something like a shared base (bigger area than our) because it could developp the Hubs idea.

As we know we’re in a simulation, we don’t have reasons to fight each other :wink:


I too like the solo experience and think that while the eye candy of seeing other players ships would be great I think the bugs would be crazy and many. Not worth it. I would still like to see MP be more interactive . Maybe shared base building with a higher base complexity co-op planet side missions. I think this can be built into the main game without bugs or nothing a patch can’t fix. As for avatars, ships and space battles that while nice would I think break the game. A separate save/mode would be needed and even then I think it would still have major issues.

Just noticed you also mentioned shared base building. Sorry did not mean to bite from your idea. Lol

I hope i can form groups and team up with 4 players called parties.
And everywhere they go i go, if i accept the teleport.

Frankly I couldn’t care less about multiplayer…the game currently has no way of actually reflecting changes made by a player in another’s game in real time…stuff like building and terrain changes and so on. I don’t even think that’s something that’s realistic to expect at all. And no proper way to chat in real time either. I don’t expect or think that anything like that will ever be incorporated into the game…the engine only renders a very specific area around our character…to start tracking 3 or more other people as they move all over a planet and system and then reflect the changes they make in real time to your game so as soon as you get there you can see what they did with chat and so on…that’s a bit much to ask. The game would have to render and track multiple times as much information as it does now. So I don’t really expect multiplayer to advance much past where it’s at now. Maybe a bit more refinement, maybe we’ll be able to type in speech bubbles for others to see by our spheres in real time or something but not full blown multiplayer.


Same here, no friends IRL :wink:


I don’t really play games with real friends…nor do I really want to play video games with them. I rather focus on story or progression without anyone else in my business…it’s hard to control events when everyone wants to do their own thing(usually something dumb) and mostly serve as a distraction to me me from doing what I want to do…plus there’s no way this game is going anywhere remotely close to game invites and sessions and such. Trying to tell my friends they could play with me if they played for another hundred hours or so to get to my galaxy and unlock all portal glyphs and so on would render some fun reactions lmao. Couch coop also not happening.

As of right now 4.8% of all PS4 players who ever played NMS on PS4 have got the trophy for having warped 60 times…most people can’t figure out how to do the most basic things in the game much less cross galaxies of follow a lengthy story through to its concussion…much less figure out how to actually get all the glyphs and properly use the portals to travel to given coordinates. Complex tasks and planning are too much for most in terms of the focus it requires. If the game isn’t as simple as running in a straight line and shooting stuff they can’t handle it.


I agree that NMS doesn’t need any Multiplayer PVP :slight_smile: I was talking in general about the way most game developers treat their Player Base. You ever have the feeling that the game just changed on you suddenly and just doesn’t feel right? I hope that NMS never has to do that and that we will have Hello Games and Sean Murray’s Team of Devs doing the Changes till the End of Time :slight_smile:

On the point of what might be in the next update for NMS I would hope they would improve the Quality of Life for the Multiplayer that already exists.

  1. The Ability To Rename Something You Named Every 30 Days.(Provided that you return to the place you named it)

  2. The Ability To Control You Voice Transmissions Via HotKeys(Push To Talk)

  3. The Inability To Get A Base Or Rename Things If You Are Not Connected To PSN or Steam Network (Prevents people from accidentally overwriting other people bases in their own saves)

Just a few things that might make the already Multiplayer Better would be welcomed in new Patches to NMS :smile:

Look up ESO Out of Bounds on YouTube for a lot of areas beyond the borders/play areas!