Sean Murray's Reveals MAY 2018 (PvP Disscussion)

Per this thread (Urgent Sean Murray is on this livestream)

… Multiplayer, both co-operative and PvP. Whilst I was/am against multiplayer in this game, this just means I’ll be staying at the outer bands of the universes I visit. I’ll do “my thing” and everyone else can do their things elsewhere. With PvP entering the game, I really think this will de-evolve into another gank-fest/EVE-look-alike. To each their own.



The advantage here is that this is a VERY big game. If you don’t advertise your location and stay away from the hubs, the likelihood of every meeting another player is minuscule.

I wonder whether it would highlight non-NPC players in your game space.


Stayed up to watch this last night and it was great to see the man himself talking about the game, still with passion and enthusiasm.

24th July can’t come soon enough!

Things I remember:

“You can be that guy…” PVP
“Build together” Co-op Base Building(?)
“You can be a wingman” Co-op dogfighting

In regards to PVP, I hope the below quote from Myriad70 is what I think it is:

My localized magnetic poles are pointing in the wrong direction. How do I fix this?

If multiple Temporary Magnetic Pole or Localized Magnetic Field users are within one mile of each other, the competing forces can have unintended effects on both users. Simply move away from the offending magnetic force to restore functionality. Do not attempt to move towards the offending force. Do not attempt to combine more than two force sources.

Hopefully, there will be a feature that you have to turn on to engage in PVP otherwise you’re undetectable.


I’m not sure how the PVP will work in normal game mode with save games. Surely you will just be able to reload you most recent save if you die, so what would the consequences be? And the reward for shooting another player?

Will it be dogfight only or will you be able to engage in combat on the surface?

I am guessing that attacking another player would increase your wanted status with the sentinels and may also lead to you getting attacked by NPCs as well.

Maybe there will be bounties places on your head when you enter new systems, like there are with pirates at the moment. That would be pretty cool.

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@Dolnor Added the date to your topic title to make it easier to reference.

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I can only assume the save management will change quite a bit with having multiplayer. This means clients are fully synced to the server and a lot more data will be handled by the server instead of simply stored on your own client to conveniently load back into.

I am curious how this will all work out, but very happy they finally managed to get the multiplayer server implementation sorted to allow us to play ‘together’. One of the things I would love to know is how different platforms are handled. Are we going to be able to play with friends on different platforms? I am personally not too keen on PvP and in all honesty was the only thing I didn’t quite expect. I do hope they implement this well, because I’d hate to be forced to move away from everyone else just to make sure I won’t get grieved. Will see though, I am excited and looking forward to start anew July 24th!


I too am very curious as to how PVP will function in No Mans Sky. I think death will be treated simply with graves like in normal mode?

Not sure how it would work in graveless Survival Mode.

But lets say,

You kill a player, they drop their grave, and you can pick up a little bit of their resources,etc, but the dead player doesn’t lose everything.

And i do think even Permadeath will involve PVP, but maybe they’ll add a PVP toggle setting before starting a new save.

For any mode, Normal,Survival,Permadeath,etc.

But perhaps killing players aggros the Sentinels majorly? Or Bounty systems are added to compensate PVP?

Not sure.

Cannot wait for more actual details regarding NEXT.

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Someone commented on Reddit that they hope PvP will be handled by only certain systems are PvP, (High Conflict ones maybe?) …and this is certainly something I can get on board with cause I just won’t go there… unless I get my squad together first.


My main concerns about the mltiplayer will be:

  1. Being able to disable others’ ability to alter my base…since “building together” implies they may be able to mess with your base.
  2. being able to disable PvP.

That’s all I want to make sure is absolutely contained in NMS NEXT.


Yeah, PvP isn’t something I wanted in NMS, I prefer my PvP in other games. I definitely wanted co-op, and I even think joint combat space/ground missions against AI foes could be really fun.

I dunno… thinking about it more, I have to confess that some kind of structured PvP matches in the NMS world might actually be fun. I just don’t wanna have to constantly worry about it though! That could really ruin the entire game for me, kill the whole chill out exploration experience.

I really hope they’ve implemented an optional, robust system for it, allowing different levels of participation. I’d almost always want to keep co-op enabled, and PvP almost never. However, it is possible I might rarely want to get involved with an organized, mutually-agreed-upon, PvP match of some kind, without having to permanently enable it. A toggle-able setting could open up abuse though, as griefers could use it to attack others then disable it to avoid retribution. Ugh, I fear a can of worms has been opened.


I took ‘building together’ to mean building in the same system to create colonies… not that we will actually build structures as a team.
It would seem logical that the players own bases would remain unscathed by other players as they do now. Mirror images only.

Maybe PVP will be mission based. You agree to hunt or do something that creates a bounty on you. Others are attracted to the bounty and chase you about. Whoever wins gets the spoils and the loser wakes up in a space station and has to go fetch their grave inventory as usually happens when you die.
This would make sence with co-op play being enhanced, as that will likely be mission based as well.

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A PvP system that leaves a grave with some of your cargo but you are able to restart a previous save with no losses would be open to exploitation. I would suggest that it works something like the Oasis in Ready Player One where there are specific PvP systems or zones.

In those zones if you are killed, you leave a grave marker with some loot and restart with some damage to your ship (dogfight) or backpack tech (ground combat). I think that would be the most satisfying approach.

Bandits and pirates would get progressively higher bountys associated with them and attract sentinels more easily.

Sean Murray mentioned being able to team up, to then mention being able to “build bases together from tiny little shelters to like complex colonies spread across multiple planets”. Sounds to me like actually being able to build on the same structure(s) as a team. Maybe it even requires being a ‘team member’ to be able to do so and have shared access? But who knows, maybe it stays more like it currently is, with enhanced sharing/syncing and indeed allowing multiple bases on the same planet or in the same system.

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I really don’t think the entire zoning stuff would work at all…especially since you can’t portal travel without giving up your base so making zones is just trash…either they’re everywhere and you have to carefully tiptoe into or around the every jump or they’re too far. And then that just creates problems like finding a rare amazing system you want to live in but then it’s open season for people to screw it. Zoning is just garbage.

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I can see people paying far more notice to the conflict scanner in future


Maybe we can team up and build a shared base structure additional to our own personal bases.
A co-op arrangement that benifits both parties but doesn’t affect your personal base.


I really rather not…AI pirates are fun but PvP is utter worthless garbage.


Just to be fair, PvP should be handled like this: You build a base, some “pirate” comes along and kills you…destroys your base. Your ship would go into FULL FRENZY mode, kills the pirate, warps to their base, nukes it from orbit, tracks down all that person’s friends, nukes their bases, then tells the Sentinels that the player’s friends are destroying the worlds.

Not that I am biased against PvP or something! -)



Good point.

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The ONLY way PvP should be handled is with an off button.