NMS NEXT Full Reveal!


NMS-NEXT patch notes:


No microtransactions confirmed:

28 new details 20k piece bases, playable Gek confirmed:

Weekly events, new currency, weekly updates, and more:

Interview with Sean about the aftermath of the launch:

Freighters can now be landed:

Me likey this muchly

It’s so beautiful. And so many new things to watch in this video. Finally some real footage lol
Looking forward to play NEXT in a whole other way than am used to I guess :grin:


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:scream: OMFGetagrip! :scream:

I’ think I’ll just take the day off and watch this over and over and over and over and dissect it frame by frame.

Thanks for posting this, @DarthTrethon :heart:


What’s the music in the trailer? I might do a piano cover on it eventually…


I don’t know exactly but it sounds like the same 65DOS music they used for most of their pre-launch trailers just with added game sounds in there.


I believe it’s called “Supermoon”.


Nope figured it out. It’s called Debutante


I watched it on the phone of my coworker at work … I couldn’t get a straight thought for several minutes. I was just mindblown. Literally literally.

So … what was that talk about “hype” again … ?

Okay, trying to keep my hype levels in check … at least until the patch notes arrive.

Yet I think it’ll be more like a patch book instead of notes.


And I probably won’t do a piano cover on it. 7 minutes long is a little to long for my liking :confused: Although I might do a little segment from the song. The part that’s in the NEXT trailer


SuperMoon is played when you reach the center and go through to another galaxy. It is a most beautiful song and has the thrill of excitement going with this event :slight_smile:


They have enabled the “Nightmare Fuel”!!


:cloud:️These clouds. :cloud:
:cloud::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :cloud:


While a lot of my concern is about single player, most of it I now realize is about being able to play offline, aka with no internet. Because I love that a game this huge can be played entirely offline.


Is that image real or fan made?


It looks really interesting, like a new game in some ways. Underwater bases, build anywhere you want, Sentinels marching in formation. So much good stuff.

It’s going to be a LONG week waiting for this to drop.


Oh, that’s a capture of my modded gameplay… Those creatures were datamined and added by some mods, like RaYRod’s Overhaul.


NMS N E X T release gameplay trailer:

Thought I would screen cap some of the flash-by segments:

  1. 3rd person (duh)

  2. Swimming UNDER water

  3. Player customization includes Alien suits? All four are with the Atlas:

4: Can’t figure out what’s happening here:

  1. Can see other players ships

  2. Shared bases

  3. Underwater bases:

  1. Under ground bases (round glass rooms?):

  1. Base portal or large light?

  1. Red /dead planet w odd structures I haven’t seen before:

  1. Strange-looking ringed planet

  1. Pet Sentinels–faction perk? :grinning:

  1. Play as a Gek Character?

  1. New buildable space structures?

  1. or able to build outside our freighter?

  1. or possibly new convoy ships?

16/16 :wink:


You know…I was thinking…those walkers might not be pets…one player is walking…where are his other three buddies? Those might be pilot-able walkers.


I love the suits. I really feel like they make for the perfect cosplay for any creative soul that dares to have a go at it!!