No Man's Sky Update "NEXT"! Coming Summer 2018!


The No Man’s Sky Update “NEXT” is coming Summer 2018

Here is the video where I stupidly announced the update was landing sooner than it actually was:

Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)

Great coverage Mac! Hope this is it now… My base is all packed up ready for a regen!


Yeah… I might just leave my little base as is.
Gives me a grounding point for any restarts.


Not sure it will be the update - the ARG just began to ramp up very recently, many Atlas passes still not received, nothing has been updated on Steam lately. But something definitely IS happening tomorrow!!:grinning:


That means I have to be up at 5am! :sleeping: :alarm_clock:


Up already !!

It is 6:21am here, so I guess it is near now… bunch of hours!


I’m still not sure the update will drop this morning. Here’s hoping…


I’m sorry everyone. Looks like the update wasn’t when I said. It was just an announcement for the summer update.


We were all thinking it was today so … still something should be happening today besides the announcement, Emily still needs help.


tis means the end to this phase of the ARG?


I hope not man…


Is this to be believed?


It’s true, Sean just tweeted that NMS is coming to XBOXONE and Wegame (China’s version of Steam).




The best thing from this announcement for me is Sean saying they will continue to support the game for the forseeable future. That allays my fears that 1.5 would be the last update.


Wait, wait, wait…what? in the next few hours? Are you sure about that? The official announcement by Sean Murray says summer 2018…not like today…Summer sounds like June-Sep timeframe. My guess is that it’ll be around the 2 year anniversary of NMS.


505 Games To Distribute The Xbox One Retail Version of No Man’s Sky Worldwide


I’m hoping Hello Games can get a physical release for this on PS4 too…I’d totally buy another physical copy just for the hell of it.


I have to admit: I would probably purchase the new physical edition copy as well (just to have it in my game collection and support the game).