Let's Discuss Multiplayer - More Specifically "Pirating"

Yesterday a couple players jumped in my game, they were more interested in my goods and messing with me than exploring and doing things together…I think pirating is fine, this isn’t the problem; the problem starts when I am clearly marked as to my whereabouts. These 2 guys entered my system saw that there was a player, (we were mic’ed together) they started taunting and flew right to me and started shooting. Pirates have the upper hand. Pirating is one thing, but I hope that grieving doesn’t become a problem.

HG should remove the markers and this wouldn’t be so much of an issue…plus it would help with immersion . I would much rather have to find someone like through the on board communicator. Being marked makes the world feel way too small and there isn’t a challenge. Maybe implement a team system and then players can be marked that way.

Maybe scanning for players would be a better idea, there could be an upgrade that you need to purchase. This could aid in locating and marking players for a time. The upgrade should be expensive too, so that a new player would have to build and gather their way to pirating, as it is a player from day one can find players and attack at will.

OK there it is I’ll stop complaining now…Thoughts? :grin:


When they jump in you could try going to settings/network and voice selecting the player and booting them out.

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I’m waiting for the return of the start single player session option. I didn’t want multiplayer.


Kicking guys steals away from immersion, unmark us problem solved.

I think HG didn’t think the drop-in multiplayer through. It’s completely inorganic. I think it’s fine to join up and do something together, but the game being joined should always have to confirm anybody joining his game.
Leave the “inevitable” encounters up to portal travel and chance, where they don’t completely break the immersion.

But I’m talking about things that do not concern me. I’m on GoG! :smile:


You also have the option to kick players from your game.

Yeah but they should have to be confirmed, and turning network play off should work.


If they simply implemented a request feature… Bleep Bleep, starship communicator…Captain Small Penis is asking to join your game… allow/disallow.


I did turn off the network settings but we didn’t leave each others section.

Or only have the option to join friends not randoms, maybe the only way for a random to join your game would be to warp to your system, you could then just hide away in a distant corner of the galaxy and no one would be that interested or bothered to warp all that way just to get on your nerves

I love multiplayer in this game but not the way you can freely teleport to any players at any point. I think it shouldn’t be as easy as just starting a new game and BOOM, your free to harass a player. Having to work, purchase and/or craft “something”(maybe even a quest line that teaches you how to be a nice guy) to unlock the ability to teleport to any random player is probably the best way to handle that. And when using that feature, reward the player for co-operation and increase punishments and difficulty for pirating. But if you organically come accross another player by chance in the universe, then all settings go back to default and everyone is even but a fair notification that a player randomly is in your system so you can stay or leave if you like.


You could have simply gone to the party screen, placed the pointer over their names and pressed the prompt for “kick” to get them out of your game…simple really. I played a bit of coop with a couple of dudes the game decided to throw in my game and they were new players or at least new saves…if they tried anything they would have regretted their life choices.

After that I just turned off base sharing and online play…and I can STILL do multiplayer missions and get the rewards by myself too…I am literally not missing out on anything at all.


There simply needs to be a device to craft that broadcasts and pinpoints player/base location(s) for players who pop-in. If you don’t craft it they can’t tell where you are. That makes sense gameplay-wise and is a practical way of keeping from being seen if you don’t want it.


This post is why I hate multiplayer. I hope it’s ok I posted this link.
This guy is such an asshat, and what makes gaming communities so toxic. I hope the toxic people like this don’t ruin this beautiful game.


They already did! Toxic people not only ruin the games they’re in, but they make it so nobody wants to even bother with “multi-player” in many games that support it. Kicking someone out of one game doesn’t stop them from ruining another person’s game. There is zero accountability for toxic behavior, no way to police it, and no way to prevent it, aside from unplugging the cable.

NEXT is a perfect example. If everyone was out there exploring and discovering, and meeting aliens, making friends, building and mining and farming… multiplayer in this game would be a joy, especially since the NPC’s already provide a galaxy that feels lived in. Populating it further with players could really enrich the experience, if the toxic breed of players would just go away. Sure, it might be a fuzzy purple unicorn universe, but at least it wouldn’t be a cesspool of toxic idiots.

We definitely need a whitelist or a friends list of some sort. I’m certain Sony is to blame for opening the flood gates like they did.


Sounds like turning off base sharing and online play is definitely the way to go moving forward…at least it doesn’t lock us from playing the multiplayer missions and getting all the rewards alone.

And backing up saves before any multiplayer session is also a smart idea.


I recommend backing up your save after ever play session.


And if you get something particularly rare or hard to get it may be worth saving, closing the game, and backing that save on the spot before anything can go wrong. I am now backing my saves several times a day. Usually I save, close the game, reboot the game to make sure the new save loads, close the game again, and then, finally, at long last, I back up the save file. No more corrupted saves that refuse to load for me.


Yep. I always at least for right now because of the update check my save to make sure it works okay before I back it up. I also recommend this when you’re building your base. When you get to a certain point of it not only should you save the game, if you feel like you got a lot of supplies or something save the game and backup your save.


Yeah…after 1.5 I was trying very hard to rebuild my character to its previous potential and I was shopping across dozens and dozens of systems for the S class tech but I could never find an S class underwater breathing bit…then one day out of the blue out it pops out of a broken piece of junk on a planet I just fixed. I dropped EVERYTHING that instant…I just installed it, saved, ensured the save was loading, and backed it up right there and then.