NMS Memories - Pics, Vids & Stories before NEXT

Since it is looking more and more like a huge reset is coming, and even if it isn’t, I thought it might be fun to post our memories of NMS so far. So dig back into your archived photos and stories, from vanilla until now, and give us a brief look into your personal NMS journey.


If there’s a reset, Atlas help me. I dont wanna lose my units. Or my home base.

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My story began on PS4 on a peaceful world where I could stroll for hours. As you can see, my photo skills were lacking.

Little did I know then, that one day I would belong to a community where we would share through the window pics

Before we knew what these were

And then I moved to PC, one that wasn’t really up to the task

So I upgraded

And then came Atlas Rises and I couldn’t land in the Anomaly without falling into space

But things worked themselves out and I became a happy Galactic Wanderer. This is still the best planet I have ever visited.


Universe resets don’t affect progress so your units, ships, freighter, learned blueprints and product formulas, and so on should be unaffected. Now your base won’t be gone but it could be in trouble…that’s because the planet that it is currently on will cease to exist and it will be generated on another planet…it could could be on a very unpleasant planet. After previous resets bases have also been affected by certain bugs where they spawned underground or floating high in the sky…so you may end up forced to relocate if there is a reset.


I remember my first base in NMS, it was really a magic landscape to live in :slight_smile:


And then this one in the Hilbert dimension, such a nice memory. It even got a mention from Cobra TV :slight_smile:


Memories, so beautiful. To me the past two years were for a large part lived in this virtual reality of no man’s sky.
Yet I played offline, in solitude, made lots of videos though and now really have something to look back upon on my own videochannel :slight_smile:


I’ve grown used in my own life to say goodbye to many experiences in my life and live on. But memories are the best both in real and in virtual reality.
No Man’s Sky has been a gaming dream come true and whatever I will find next, to me this adventure is one of moving on with wonderful memories to cherish :slight_smile:


Love the music in both of the vids. Makes me kinda teary-eyed. I’m getting all nostalgic. I hope I don’t cry when NEXT hits…:joy:


Happy tears only deepen the memory :slight_smile:


This is my memory of NMS before Atlas Rises. It was probably my favorite paradise planet even though it doesn’t look like much from the video. I made this as a memory because I was fairly certain a reset would ruin it and … it did. It became a frozen wasteland.


I found myself quite painfully immobilised shortly before Atlas Rises so the many conversations here and my many hours in NMS were strangely therapeutic. It was a place to go when I couldn’t go very far.
Even now I’m up and about again, I’ve become quite used to settling down for an NMS wander or scrolling through the current chat.
One of my fondest memories of NMS is actually the discovery of ETARC and joining the NMS community that dwells here.
From the misadventure of a glitched game, to the creative writings the game inspired, it’s all been an invigorating experience.
With Mrs Mad-Hatter joining me in NMS, geeky NMS jokes are now a part of family conversation (‘units recieved’) and it is quite common for me to simply hand my controller to my spouse and ask her to ‘go park it somewhere’ when I have to unexpectedly go do something.
NMS has something special about it that I can’t quite put my finger on…but it’s special, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to many more memories to come. :slight_smile:


So many many memories!
First and foremost I remember myself waiting for that game for-ev-er!
Watching trailers, seeking for any little information or speculation that I could find! I was wondering every now and then how could a procedural game be, what I would be able to discover, etc…
I still remember buying No Man’s Sky on the Psn because I couldn’t wait for the next day to go buy it to the store…:grin:

That very special night (I still remember exactly where I was) I launched the game and than…

It’ll sound stupid maybe… but I kept that “Initialize” screen a while… staring at it, and after a couple of minuts I pressed on the button…:vulcan_salute:
I remember my first planet being a total hostile radioactive nightmare… the kind of planet that you avoid now lol
I didn’t know what exactly was going to happened, but I started my journey to become a traveller… an interloper and later a etarc member…:beers:

I never really stopped playing since that day.

It has been a very long road, lots of things to say and share but today, for the people that believed in HG we are still sitting here and there playing No Man’s Sky, and supporting as we always did and will do, our very favourite game.
Best community ever, for probably the best game ever.

Cheers to us


I read one review of this game and saw a few screenshots and immediately pre-ordered it. I thought to myself, “If the game can do half of what they’re saying I’d be happy” turns out that’s exactly what the vast majority of people thought they’d been sold. I never felt cheated or robbed, the game did everything I wanted it too.

I spent an unusually long time on my starter planet and remember the days of being 15 mins away from my ship, and over undulating terrain that was a long way! (Who walks in straight lines or doesn’t stop to look in a cave?)

On a planet surface, the size of the game blew me away, gone were the invisible walls or edges of the map that cage you in. I was free! Knowing I could walk to that mountain in the distance, hop in my ship and fly to the moon, I was just getting used to it all and then I remember opening the Galaxy Map for the first time and having that realisation that every star has planets just as big as the one I’m on, waiting to be explored.

Only then do you appreciate the sheer enormity of the game, something players of other games will never truly comprehend, until they open that Galaxy Map for the first time.

(Insert SM Mind Blown meme here)


I fondly remember in the days before ship summoning or exocraft, I would regularly wander for as much as 45 minutes from my ship and in rare cases never find a base landing platform to call my ship and have to walk the entire way back, hiding in caves and really pushing my luck.
Everything was just so HUGE and you felt so alone. Was so awesome.

I also take an odd pride in being one of the few unlucky ones to experience being shot down. (I think I’ve shared this before).
On an ocean world with my first upgrade ship on the bottom of the sea, I had to spend ages swimming, and hunting minerals (with almost no suit capacity) to fix my ship. Took multiple trips to complete but wow! Talk about feeling alone and helpless. I survived :grin:
I so hope they bring that back one day.
To this day I still hardly use an exocraft when exploring;…only for portal visits and even then not very often.
Man! What a great game!


I remember one time I found a crashed ship which was a clear upgrade to my own. I did the swap and only then did I realise I needed lots of Zinc to get her air-worthy. I walked for miles trying to find those elusive yellow flowers.

When I finally found enough I was so far away from my ship that I decided to press on rather than retrace my steps through the hostile world. I aimed for a large hill hoping to get a better view of my surroundings and it paid off as (constantly spamming the scanner hoping to see a green question mark) and dangerously low on resources I finally found a facility with a landing pad where I could summon my ship. This was before the days of landing beacons at every waypoint too.

The trek nearly killed me but seeing my new ship landing on the pad was like being rescued! Since then I always carry Zinc! (Although not so much a problem nowadays!)

Yeah I’m re-discovering walking again and getting that original feeling of vulnerability back again when I go base visiting.


It is good to read that NMS had such a therapeutic effect on you.
I’ve read more about this in the overall NMS community online. People coming home from a hard days work and could really relax and wind down with this game.

Maybe this game resembles real life for a large part. In the beginning I even compared the 3 alien races to the 3 main groups of people you have in real life, the scientists, the military and the working class. So much humor about them in this game, I had many a good laugh about it.

Another feature I truly experienced is that you get to know yourself through and through and didn’t know I still could be surprised by myself lol (fighting pirates in Permadeath in the Yakumaku with no extra gear and winning too :grinning: ).

Great for you that you can play the game with your wife and have conversations about it.
My husband nowadays listens to my adventures. In the beginning he didn’t know what to think about the game and me playing it enthusiastically during a large part of the day. He is not into gaming whatsoever and I have been a large part of my life. He is an avid reader and tells me a lot about the adventure stuff he reads and now listens to me in that way, telling a good story lol.

I talk a lot about gaming with my grandkids though and they love a granny that plays games with them :rofl:


My base is my castle lol
What a large one but it really looks great!
Nice beach also .
You must have felt really at ease in such an enchanting atmosphere. Nice memory!


Well, that’d explain my first base. The damn thing just disappeared when Pathfinder launched.


This game has been so much fun to play,from the spider crabs

To the whatever that is
I have seen beautiful vistas
And gone on long voyages
Here’s to Next and the new journey before us!