Universe reset?


Not sure if this has been answered before (if so, please point me in that direction). If indeed there will be a universe reset in this next update, is there any way I can keep the resources and formulas I’ve collected so far? Thanks!


I can only answer your question going off previous updates & the Atlas Rises reset.
Short answer is ‘Yes’;
If the reset is like the last one ,then most (not all) resources & prior knowledge/recipes will be retained.
In the last reset, some items became obselete or renamed while some base features (like ladders) disappeared.
Most basic base tech had to be relearned but this was via simple fetch quests, which any new game goes through.
Its a chaotic time during a reset so backing up beforehand & being patient as bugs are sorted afterward is important. Hopefully due to changes rendered previously any new resets will be far less chaotic than the previous one.


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I can’t imagine HG making a total reset just because an update (any big it could be). They know the time their fans spent on the game and they know what coul happen if suddenly the biggest part of their supporters would lose hundreds hours of gameplay (and thousand for some).


Well, RESTART became THE word around here during the last big update. Mostly because people were having issues with the story not playing out correctly. People were getting stuck on certain tasks and we found it was easier to just start over. When I recently started a new game back in Euclid, I only did the first neccessary missions and stopped there, just in case. :wink:


After the day one patch in August, 2016, which forced anyone who had a pirated copy of the game to start over, Hello Games promised to NEVER force players to start over from scratch again if/when they regenerated the universe.

You will never lose your items, base, freighter, ship, or position in the galaxy/universe due to a universe reset (unless there is a catastrophic bug that was not intended by HG). The planet your base is on will change though, so you may no longer be on a planet you like.


Leads me to wonder… Will the Xbox players (I don’t mean every single one) truly appreciate how far NMS has come? They’ll be handed a polished package at the same retail price that us ‘day1ers’ paid, and yet many will probably still complain about various little oddities. I suppose (and hope) that when NEXT is finally released that there might be some kind of a thank you token (i.e. S class mutlitool :wink: !) for all us ‘vets’…


I liked the journey we have been on with the game. It has been exciting to experience the changes as they came in. Anything that was nerfed, deleted or obselete due to an update was fun to gather again or learn from the new perspective.

And as @MacForADay mentioned, your multitool, ship, freighter, exosuit and the techs upon them have never been changed or removed. The main things to change are the biomes on planets, components of bases and added features to existing items (like Classes and tech slots).


I’m still playing the same normal mode game (with daily backups) that I started with. I was too angry to start anew, so I turned it into a story and kept going. By 1.38-9 most of the game-breaking bugs had been fixed, and with the help of a few minor mods the new fogs and weather doesn’t hurt my eyes/give me a headache as much. I have 1368 hours in the game now and I would rather it not get reset. lol

I’m planning on taking this save a s far as it will go. If they reset the universe again, I may not have the heart to begin again. But maybe by then I will be more ready to do so.

This is the longest I have played a single game that wasn’t an mmo. And I am thoroughly enjoying my time playing it.


Tis the biggest problem resetting the universe.
I makes ya feel it is another BETA release instead of adding more content, etc.

I’m 2197 hours.
It would be a heartbreak if Hello Games does that!


I’m foolishly hoping their reaction will be “people were mad at this game? Why? Even if it was just flying from planet to planet, this is a huge step for video games in so many avenues”.

Wishful, hopeful thinking, if my memories with team xbox are anything, their community is the most toxic, though honestly I think most of them jumped to Sony after the Don mattick fiasco, so that might explain August 2016.


There’s so much video material out there now of the game in its current state, that nobody sane can legitimately complain they didn’t know what they were buying.

Hello Game have made no claims at all for the new content of NEXT. Nobody can reasonably argue it didn’t live up to expectations.

My only worry is bugs. 1.3 introduced a lot of glitches, and it took a fair while for them to be fixed (some still haven’t been). The console kiddies aren’t used to that. If NEXT causes multiple game-breaking bugs, that could be a real problem for the Xbone crowd.


For the last time, HG said they will never make players start over from the beginning. A few tech and items might become obsolete, but you’ll never lose everything unless your save file is corrupted accidentally.


The talk that Innes gave at GDC was billed as a discussion of “why and how they changed the systems of No Man’s Sky after launch.” From the reporting that Liz England did part of that talk touched on the importance of planning early to limit disruption. “Small changes [to inner dependent systems] make dramatic differences to output.” Sort of the butterfly effect of programming with pseudo-random numbers. I haven’t seen the presentation personally yet so I don’t know the nuances from the talk, but I assume that the first rewrite that lived through isolated the different systems so that they could enhance one area without destroying another. It would be nice if they could expand the planet types someday (ringed planets for example) without decimating the creatures on my home planet. The last change wasn’t too disruptive to me (until a bug took out my save file). My planet changed a bit and my base levitated, but I still had everything that I had gathered and earned. I don’t expect any major disruption this time, although I enjoy the game so if I do have to restart I happily will. I might anyway just to get any new story that they add.


restart is not an option … :beer: only assimilation


I’ve been saying this for well over a year now and I’ll continue to say it: do NOT put time or effort into finding a perfect planet because it will likely be gone with the next update…I still have 1.4 billion units I had farmed from before 1.3 so I haven’t even rebuilt my base in 1.3 yet. Until the time that Hello Games specifically say no more universe resets or no more updates there isn’t much point to settling or mapping anything. That’s an exercise in futility. With new biomes, animals, and any other changes they make to what can spawn on planets the universe is likely to change.


If it does happen we will have to get together and cry in our :beers: :`(


Wouldn’t bother me all that much. Sure, I’ve put hours upon hours on building my base, but since the atmosphere harvesters / autonomous mining units are glitching out and not producing the things I need to get to get to the really juicy stuff (freighters, s-class ships / tools) without farming for years to come, it’s no biggie for me.

Besides, no amount of time whatsoever spent is ever really lost. I will forever have fond memories of my first time on Survival, finally landing on a not deadly as f*ck cold or hot planet, one that I could wander around endlessly (pre-pathfinder), building my base there and claiming it as my home planet … then, the first time driving around with those roamers … and eventually, with Atlas Rises, a multimillion units machine aka my base producing enough stuff to make millions of units in a flash, and … gosh, the portals. First time stepping through a portal with just one glyph adress and ending up on a random planet with those spinning metal things … :open_mouth:
(shoutout to my username, BTW)

Rambling much again. Anyhow, my point is, a universe reset, losing all my stuff … doesn’t bother me much. Thinking about all the things we might get with the update …

Besides, after having played (suffered) They Are Billions Survival Mode (RTS with zombie / city building aspects), I really, really don’t care about hours of “lost” playtime. Not. At. All!:anger:


Well… there is also the possibility that there will be new base building elements or larger base capacity, which would have me redesigning my bases.


I had deconstructed most of my base, and started to look for a better home, right before Atlas Rising restarted. I’ll hold off until the new release. I do have a few promising planets; we’ll see what they look like, should the universe regenerate. (My best prospect does not have a habitable base! Every scan I do directs me to a base on another planet in the system.)

In the meantime, I’m occupying myself looking for a 34-slot S class freighter to replace my 34-slot A.