Returning to Atlas Interface after I initially chose to remain in Euclid

When I first completed the story and got to the end, i chose the option of walking away and returning to the same galaxy. It also mentioned that I could come back later if I chose to…

Well after exploring for Euclid the past few months, I decided I was ready to join some friends in Eissentam. I returned to the Atlas Interface with the Heart of the Sun Atlas seed. But It only gave me the option of birthing a new star or returning to the galaxy. I tried both options and nothing really happens, I just remain in Euclid.

Am I missing something. Or Does anyone know if this is what is supposed to happen when you return to the Atlas Interface? When I was told I could come back, I was under the impression that I would be presented with the same choices as before.


The Atlas Rises story is a one-time chance to skip ahead to galaxies farther down the line. However, you can still go to the center of the galaxy to go to the next galaxy like usual. You will have to go through several galaxy centers before you reach Eisentam.

If you get the portal glyphs, you can use them to cheat your way to galaxy centers by claiming a base after going through a portal to a planet near the center.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

I’m not trying to shoot down @MacForADay here. What he says is absolutely correct. Nevertheless, I think this is a bug. When you complete the Atlas path, if you choose not to reset, you are clearly told that you can return, and change your decision. But you can’t. Once you’ve completed it, the Atlas path is locked out - and it’s clear from the text that this was not the intention.

As @MacForADay says, you can achieve the same result by galaxy hopping. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the way the game was intended to work.

Gotcha. Appreciate the info, I thought that was the case, that I shouldve been able to return. Not a huge deal I guess, if I really want to get to Eissentam, I can take the easy way out and use the Portals. Thanks again.