POLL:for those who’ve finished story (spoilers ahead if you havent!)

Which on would you choose?

  • Raging Galaxy
  • Tranquil Galaxy
  • Ancestral Galaxy
  • Imperfect Galaxy

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I obeyed the question and only chose Ancestral, clearly, at least I assume my vote is visible. But in a multiple choice option, I’d also choose Tranquil and Imperfect.

I chose it because I’m assuming that it would mean Lore and history heavy exploration and adventures, which is something I’ve been harping on the last few months.

ya some here. I could not pick raging or imperfect. but i also think Tranquil and Ancestral would be imperfect also

I chose to just stay where I was


i see my mistake in posting this, this is what you see when you end the Artemis quest.
which one would you choose … i figure question is from Emily … Loop16

Ah in that case I would chose Imperfect

You should probably give a spoiler alert for this.


na, this are the choices, i’m giving anything else way, i figure we went through Waking Titan and this is LOOP16 … Emily looks at the choices we have in her AI brain

What is this spoilerish insanity?? You have just shown me the ending without warning in this ridiculous question??!
I condemn you to an eternity in the Cronenberg dymension!


Is this a legit spolier? I sincerely hope not… not even a warning?! IF TRUE then @zsigmond should be taken to disciplinary OR simply ejected from CSD altogether :thinking:


Ancestral Galaxy all the way! Sounds related to what we’ve done so far !

If it get’s the HUB going, I’m fine with it. But that’s my opinion. Next time a little spoiler alert will definitely keep everyone happy.

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Your title is still a spoiler despite the spoiler warning. Maybe change it to

“POLL:for those who’ve finished story (spoilers ahead if you havent!)”

or something.

Personally I’ve no idea what this is about since I havent finished story but I can damn well take a guess. Sound one, Zsigmond.


nevermind I went ancestral

when I get this choice, I can’t see which colour system is which. they all say “// THE CREATION //”, I have red, which I assume is Raging, Green, Dark Blue and Light Blue.

Does anyone have any idea which is which? :worried:

[Edit - I’m already in Hilbert, wonder if that’s why the names aren’t there?]

tis the randomness of an AI you are dealing with.
These are what Emily have come up with what creatures like.
Get a 4 sided dice and roll. This the one you choose!!!

I think I have a D4 any more :frowning:

well, off we go to see what light blue brings. :wink:

[Edit - my bad, when you select any of the choices it tells you which one it is, light blue = imperfect, dark blue = ancestral, green = tranquil and red = raging. should have explored the options before asking lol. :sob:]

I demand fuchsia/pink. Long live superlumina!


Hey guys, skipped past the poll real quick, still not fully there yet.

Is this choice the “reset”? I decided not to do it since I wanted to explore 1.3 a bit more without starting over. It says I can return and complete this choice anytime I want but… where do i return to? Do I have to now make my way manually to the centre? Or is this a completely different choice unrelated to the end of new story?

Yes, this choice is the reset.

I’m not sure how returning to the atlas will work (I reloaded a previous save to prevent mission trigger). My best guess is that you can visit any portal and it will automatically send you there to complete it. Although if that were true, you couldn’t use portals until you finish the mission. Try charging a portal and see if it sends you there?

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