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So when I finished the Atlas Rises story I was given a choice of resetting and choosing from one of four orbs and I was just wondering does it matter what Orb you pick?

I picked the blue one but I was wondering if anything changed if you pick a different one and so on and so forth.

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@Sith921: I have added the category ‘Atlas Rises v 1.3’ to your topic.

Each of the choices at the end of the story represent a type of galaxy to reboot in:

  • Tranquil ( Eissentam)
  • Ancestral (Budullangr)
  • Imperfect (Hilbert Dimension)
  • Raging Galaxy (Calypso)
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Tranquil Galaxy is the one I am in now.
50% or better planets are peaceful, calm weather, wonderful, habitable planets .

that is 1 out of 70 or so galaxies

Would it be possible for you to describe the colour of each one as well. please? I for one would appreciate it. <3

I keep seeing this question asked as a colour reference, but no answers re colour, only the tranquil, etc.


Light Blue




I believe

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There is this video of the different galaxies but if anyone wants to discover them for yourself, don’t watch!


You also have the choice to refuse the Atlas and leave, which keeps you in the Euclid galaxy.


Which, once you’ve left Euclid a couple of times, is what most sensible people will do.

If you want to make use of any multiplayer or co-op features, or even see other player’s bases, it’s a good idea to be in a universe where there’s some other people.


I can attest to that. Went to Budallanger and I was all alone. :disappointed_relieved: I still have that file but created a new one so I could remain in Euclid where all the action is.


Thank you, Frank. <3

I originally refused to reset. I’m a cautious adventurer. >.>

So the colours of the globes represent the Galaxy types as follows:

Possible Spoilers

Red Globe = Raging = Calypso = larger number of extreme planetary systems?

Green Globe = Tranquil = Eissentam, as @zsigmond said:
50% or better planets are peaceful, calm weather, wonderful, habitable planets

Blue Globe = Ancestral = Budullangr (sp?) = similar seeding to our first Galaxy, Euclid.

Turquoise Globe = Imperfect = Hilbert = A larger number of strange systems/planets?

Thank you for this information, folks! Very helpful.

Edited to hide spoilers.


Thanks for the reply. I know about the colours that represent System types, but was asking about what the colours of the globes in the Atlas reset sequence represent. <3
(see my response post)

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I use mostly creative for co.op stuff

The farther away from the crowds the better lol!

Of course I’m not necessarily talking @zsigmond though!

I’m only in Elkupalos!


Ovna’uesed lol