Getting back to Euclid!

Apparently there is a way to return to Euclid, it only takes about 256 galaxies though!
Check the video here, I think it deserves a watch:

Until now, we thought that after the last known unique galaxy Odyalutai, names were just being randomised, with the next galaxy just being a copy of the previous. This was according to info from Reddit user sHuRuLuNi, who had been posting documentation of his travels across galaxies.

However, as you can see in the video above, the next galaxy turned out to be an interesting surprise! This makes me wonder if there has been a change since, maybe a bug fix by HG, or if the previous attempts were flawed due to use of a glitch or possibly involvement of mods.

Very interesting and actually does not quite surprise me to end up back where it all starts!



L Plays gaming’s video brought this to my attention, was waiting for someone to post it here :smiley:

good news for those who want to get back to euclid but don’t want to start a new save :slight_smile:


It bears mentioning that this was not the case before Atlas Rises. Someone did this before and galaxy 257 was just a copy of 256 with a different name. I’m glad it seems they fixed that in 1.3


Speaking of 256 galaxies… Where is @zsigmond? Haven’t seen him since the new ARG started.

I can’t remember how many galaxies he’d already travelled through, warping all the way.

Anyone in touch with him? Buy him a :beer: for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ziggy was here about a week ago. I don’t think he’s particularly interested in the ARG.

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You think something is going to happen today, or more toward the weekend ?

I thought of him the instant I saw this thread. I was wondering how he would react to the news…

@Polyphemus even if he’s not interested in the ARG, I figured he would at least post his progress :thinking:

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Judging by the first phase of the ARG, it was pretty spread out at the beginning. Then, towards the end, it was constant, head-down, mindless boogie. I imagine they’ll do something similar this time.

We’re only part-way through the first batch of dreamers, there’s another three batches to go, and I doubt that the dreamers are the final part of the game.

So they’re going to have to start giving us more mid-week if they’re going to get it finished.


Well, if we post his name, he’ll see it. Maybe he’ll drop by and reassure us he hasn’t been eaten by a polar bear, or found a shape-shifting alien in a flying saucer under the ice.

@zsigmond, tell us you’re OK!


Almost 4 hours of motion-sick inducing watching someone else play? lol Not for me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But if anyone else has the stamina, could you tell me if there is any corroboration that it was indeed OUR Euclid galaxy they returned to? With the Hubs and all?

Otherwise… it didn’t happen (just sayin’) :laughing:

He says in the video that he was able to visit known bases in Euclid.

I don’t have the stamina either, so I’m not sure if he proves it in the video.

EDIT: He reaches his own base around 2:42:00, if you want to see it.


He went to look for his base he made in Euclid and found it. Also the presence of the Amino Hub. He has even checked to see if the next galaxy would be Hilbert, which also turned out correct. Safe to assume this is all legit, especially since it has been done before, although not in permadeath.


@Xion4012 and @DevilinPixy Thanks to you both!

Looks like it might be fun to try sometime. :smile:


not able to participate … don’t know where I am going yet … been on hold … spinning my wheels …


At least you’re not polar bear food. Good to hear from you.

When you say you don’t know where you’re going, is that in the game, or real life? Like, you’re moving?

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Yup in real life.


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New job? Retiring? Condo in Florida?

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