Traveling Back to the Euclid Galaxy


I, for the first time ever, left the Euclid Galaxy and immediately regretted it. Not necessarily because everything was broken and required to be fixed, I knew that would be the case just didn’t think it would be everything though. But I wish I didn’t leave the galaxy that most everyone is in. So as the title asks, is there a way to get back without creating a new character?

Just so you know I haven’t played for a few months, so it’s not like I’ve been working on it to hard, just I plan on playing again and I hope to return my character to the Euclid Galaxy. Suggestions?


Wow…I am not sure there is a way back. Portals and teleporters only work within 1 galaxy. Black holes only progress you away…? Towards the center…?


No way at present, its a 255 galaxy round trip. Unless the last time you did a manual save you were in Euclid or you have an old backup you can restore. Im on PS4 but I hear you can use a save editor to do that if youre on PC


If you’re on a PC:

Read all the way through this thread (bear in mind that it’s not recent):

Before trying anything, back up your NMS save folder. What you have right now may not be optimal, but it works - don’t lose it.

I’ve left Euclid once and immediately used my in-game save to return. So I haven’t used NMS Save Editor (NMSSE) to change galaxies. Choose your Game Slot. The Coordinate Viewer is found by clicking on Edit. Remember to Save Changes (under the Main tab) before exiting.

Not sure if I can provide any additional help.


You can still join peoples games that are in Euclid from what I understand. I have not left Euclid myself (other than reloading after getting trophies.)

I have no way to test this, but if you build a base when you join their game you may be able to get back to Euclid.

(And of course you can reload your jump drive or memory stick save)


The only way to be back permanently in Euclid on this save is to travel to galaxy 255 and then to Euclid back again.


NMS Connect will get you back

NMS Editor also


You have three options to get back to Euclid:

  1. Reload a save before you went to the next galaxy (probably too late for that now).
  2. Start a new save (you said you don’t want to do that).
  3. Go through all 255 galaxies to get back to Euclid.

It’s good to hear from you again Fullman, we miss you in the Spacing Guild


Thanks Mac, I haven’t floated too far off. I’ll probably just use my original character that has been all over Euclid …literary :wink: From back in my SG days.

I still keep up with your vids too. It was fun watch your dads reaction to NMS.

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The new announcement on the NMS website mentions “bringing all players in the universe” together. So don’t give up hope, they may be adding a way to travel between galaxies in Beyond


Yeah i agree mac, when i first read that, the same thing came to my mind.


It would be nice if they included an option to return to Euclid. I have seen that request from many players that move on to a new galaxy.

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I keep hoping Hello Games adds the ability to name your saves. Then one could be Euclid-related and easy to find. I even find it hard to remember which relate to pre-NEXT, pre-Visions, and current. (Yes, I have submitted that as a suggested enhancement).


:+1: :+1: :+1:


I am back in Euclid!


IF ya want to meet place cords and I will get there,


While traveling away from the center, there are systems that I can not lock onto. Seems there is a boundary or corridor that is set up to move in. Not an open universe. But I am still working my way back to the Rim of Euclid.

Picture from the RIM


Roundtrip, restart, or save edit?
Welcome back, which ever it was.

(Can’t meet you as I’m on PS4).


NO, main account using NMSSave, I changed my galaxy to Euclid and poof back.

The program give you a list of all the galaxies available and since others trying to figure out how
to get to Euclid … now you can all return!!!


How dare you play on such a foreign platform … :smiley::sunglasses::beer: