Return to euclid

Is there a way to return to euclid now? I am trying to help someone
@DevilinPixy, @Polyphemus anyone?


I haven’t left Euclid since my first two months playing the game, so I can’t speak from experience.

I imagine if I started up my game in Euclid, and you joined me there, you would be back in Euclid.

I’ve certainly read reports from other players that travel back is possible.


If you have a base in Euclid, you should be able to teleport there at either the Nexus or by use of the teleporter on Space Stations. Alternatively you can use the teleporter at the Nexus to choose someone else’s base located in Euclid. Works well with the featured bases often located in Euclid.

Of course in Multiplayer you can get back to Euclid as well, as we have done with the SkyWatchers system. You join someone in Euclid, then build a base with teleporter. You should then be able to get there again when in your own game.

Lastly of course the ‘cheaty’ way using SaveEditor.

Edit: With base and teleporter, you may have to use it once, to have it registered as a teleport (Space Station).


Found a video. Thanks!


A bit outdated video. Bases and teleport locations do no longer get removed when changing Galaxy. I also believe that joining a random game is no longer possible or changed how it works with the Nexus being added.

Lastly, make sure you have a base in the galaxy you leave, as otherwise you may not be able to easily return again. You’d then have to do the same for ‘your’ galaxy, which might find less support.


Yep. (to everything @DevilinPixy said)
Always, leave a base behind.

I recently ‘returned to Euclid’ by deleting my Hilbert Dimension base and teleporting to my old Euclid base.
This effectively shut the door on my being able to return to the Hilbert Dimension so I’m once again 100% back in Euclid.


I think locations for weekend missions are in Euclid, so if all bridges are burnt, you should be able to get there by building a base on one of the planets, then teleport to that via space station.

I left myself one base in euclid, never actually intended to use it, but then had to use it anyways to get my living ship.