Taxi Ride to or From Eissentam Needed

I am sure this is or has been answered somewhere, so I apologize now if it has.

I have over 200 hrs and only one save on normal , I have just returned to the game on the PS4 after 6months out of the game so rusty as hell also old and rusty in real life now lol.

Please if this can be answered or any help would be appreciated.

I ended the game the journey or quest and chose to jump to the Eissentam Galaxy my two sons have now got the game and are in the starting system I believe that is Euclid.

What I want to do is still use my original save which is only one save,. Now I know about the joining multiplayer, and I was with a group on facebook that knew how to Taxi someone on ps4 from Euclid to Eissentam Galaxy and keep them there even on single player gaming save.

I am trying either get them over to Eissentam Galaxy or me over to them, so we can play build together enjoy the game, so if say one of us was offline we could still be in the same place or galaxy and still save as single but being in the same instance, I hope I am making sense here.

I do know this was possible from the group on Facebook Ship & tool catolg - But sadly I closed my Facebook account down and deleted it months ago- so no help there for me.

If somebody who knows a way to do the above it would be appreciated of course I don’t mind Jumping back and staying in Euclid but with all my gear that being hrs of work with S class ships and all my items which is lots which I could put to good use, to help them as much as possible and have fun.etc

I hope all the above makes sense, I have also tried and searched everywhere for Freighter warp drives as I heard they were back in game but after prob days of searching never found a single NPC with them, as if I could have full jump on my Freighter as far as poss I would sit there and jump and jump lol till I got to them.

Thanks in advance and sorry my first post maybe a slight headache. :persevere::roll_eyes:


Welcome to the forum!
We have a number of PS4 players here. I am sure they can help you out.
Happy Travelling!
Also, added the Help a Fellow Traveller topic and changed the title to hopefully help out.

So what you are asking for is a taxi ride…:+1:

Sorry it is kind of slow around here…we have fallen asleep waiting for BEYOND. :grin:

Also, I think you could have your kids and yourself find a portal (not too hard if you have the needed upgrades in one of your exocraft) then portal to their base . Visit the Space Station in that system. Then portal back to your own base. You should then be able to use your teleporter to teleport back to their Space Station. At that point you are free to do as you like.
Doing this between Galaxies was not possible before NEXT…did it become possible since? I am not 100% certain since I have never done it.


First of all thank you for the response and I guess everybody must be doing something else as nearly every google search about this is dated 2018 no real advice anywhere at all it seems very dated like we are still in 2018 lol

I tried the portal ’ do you mean the big portal using glyphs but then i get the stuck portal problem can only return.

We have also tried getting them to join me in Eissentam Galaxy even putting down a base or computer but yet when i leave the game they are back in Euclid= So frustrating as want to enjoy the game as a family without losing my so many hours put into the game as I am sure you can appreciate.

If there is a way please if possible some give details for this ole gent lol Aging gamers are rare now days & we are not as we once was quick on the pad and slower in the mind. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really appreciate the help. :+1: :star_struck:


Yes. I am afraid that the barriers between Galaxies is still an issue. I am sure someone else will weigh in on this before the day is over.
It has been impossible to travel between Galaxies via portal. It would seem to still be an issue based on what you described. If you enter a portal address from Euclid, it will only take you to a planet within Euclid.
As for hitching a ride on a Freighter, that is something I have heard people talk about but I have never done it myself.
I will also state that the Discovery Services have been down in Steam. Not sure if that is true for PS4. This is most likely an indication that preparations for BEYOND are in the works.
There is also the real possibility that BEYOND will resolve this issue. It seems likely that will happen in the next couple of weeks. I am personally looking forward to much improved multi-play. I also like to hang out with my kids in NMS. I also like meeting and greeting others from the NMS community. So, :crossed_fingers:


Welcome to the Community :smile:
I believe joining a game via multiplayer (on PS4) is the only way to visit at the moment.
Personally, I’d start a fresh save & once established enough to survive, join their game and put down a base computer.
You would then be with them but just have to build yourself up. At least you would have company and access to their farms.

After playing permadeath games I found myself doing a few restarts due ‘incidents’ before being tough enough. The start process gets easier every time, (except on ice worlds, they’re tricky).

You never know; after Beyond, intergalactic travel might be a thing and you could resurrect the old game.

That’s all I can offer.

Edit: don’t forget that they can trade things with you and give you all sorts of modules and goodies to speed up the process.


Thanks Mad - Hatter

There used to be a way to jump from Galaxy to Galaxy and stay but it appears that is not in the game at the moment they must have removed that after I last played NMS a while back.
I guess they most of patched it or it was a lucky Bug, doing all my research on it there does not seem a way apart from starting from scratch as you said.,.

I have noticed I cannot also get Hyper/warp drives at all anywhere ! Like I did once in game for the Freighter/Capital Ship from the ship NPCs no more, even though spare slots are still there on the capital ship for them, as well that’ it seems to have vanished or is a bug in PS4 version perhaps.

I remember some terrible bugs in the game and Hello managed to sort out much in the game itself to bring it back from the dark days of gloom but it seems some bugs or deliberate changes have been made again within the game now.

I have myself played permadeath = Blimey not again lol No thanks :face_with_head_bandage:

I have built massive frost farms etc for glass you name it massive bases as well as done tons, and so I want to stick with my normal game now with all intact after hrs of some really big grinding played and sort of relax & just help family members or others when I get Un-Rusty lol

Thank you so much for your help, and what a great community this is. :+1::v:

All the best and super thanks.


You should be able to buy the blueprints for the 3 different Freighter Warp Reactors (Sigma, Tau, Theta) at a Technology Merchant on a space station. You will then have to craft these of course. There has been a bug when NEXT first released and many were unable to purchase the blueprints. I believe this was fixed again with the Abyss update.

Edit: Also make sure the merchant has nothing else left to sell, as these will usually be offered once all other blueprints have been purchased.


A major thanks [DevilinPixy :+1:

I will try that. It does seems mad you have to buy all off the NPc just to see if you can get the drive blue prints mind you- But that is NMS for you. lol :persevere:

I will defo give that a go.
Thanks so much for your help.


Another quick answer yes buy all the blueprints from Tech merchant does give ya access to the freighter drives = Big Thanks -
But have one more question if can be answered;
I can’t buy the Theta ’ It says ''Insufficient Rank.
Question is what rank does it mean I have 10 on every Milestone is it that or some other rank as really not done much in the way of NPC guilds in the game.

Big Thanks in advance.


The “Insufficient Rank” refers to your affinity with that alien race. You can build that up by completing missions or giving the gifts in the dialog options.


I suspected so.
Thank you very much [LordMarkov :+1::v:

I wonder what will be in Beyond and just how far it can go I have never ever bothered really with rankings but will do now, also not touched the water missions at all Abyss lol

I really hope Beyond comes with great stuff as well as better multi play and very few Bugs.

All Best. :smiley:



Hi @K4ORIGIN! I just woke up and saw you had joined the forum.




Is there a portal page pics for 2019 that covers S class ships / Haulers and such etc in the Eissentam System.
If so would be good to add pics cords in future or even see some. :sunglasses:

IF so attach a link for the latest= Cheers


If you take a moment and look through the menu, you will find the No Man’s Sky header has a number of Topics. Each Topic has a variety of threads.

Under Creative Mode, you will find Starships, Screenshots, etc…
feel free to add to them and make sure to look through them. There is a ton of info there.
We will get an overhaul when BEYOND hits with a fresh start for everything that comes with it.


Yep I get that a massives thanks.

Would be good to have pages for different Galaxies with portal address as well as screen shots of ship for that Galaxy added with platform PC / Xbox / PS4 .
I had a look through most it is a bit hit-and-miss but love the site.

Perhaps a pinned but open threads 1: For S Class Ships / Galaxy /Portal Cords/Platform.

Or individual platforms with their own Portal codes etc.

Looking forward to Beyond and the community involvement I hope on mass with fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


@DevilinPixy is our go-to for ideas. That’s who will handle most of the hard work when the reorganization happens. The nice thing about this forum is that you can just go under the different Topics and make whatever thread you like. We also have a number of Hubs who keep track of things like the Portal Repository


Thanks yet Again.
I have tried many portals used to search out S class ships all types including as an example 48-8 Angel wing haulers etc.

I have noticed mind you since coming back even my own Portal addresses do not show those S class ships no more & I have triple checked .
I am taking a Stab here but I wonder if the portals get reset after patches, or they get wiped by Hello after a while.

Any thoughts on this anybody ?


@K4ORIGIN: Besides some of the topics we have here, there are a couple of external sources you could have a look at:

Not so much the portals that get reset, but galaxies/systems may get re-seeded when changes are made in updates. These seeds are what make up the specifics of ships/tools and alike.


I found that systems I’d previously visited prior to the NEXT update retained the EXOTIC ship they’d had previously but nearly everything else changed.
I’ve been tempted to return to a particular system I haven’t been to since early Atlas Rises to hunt for a particular shorty orb exotic, just to verify this to be true.
In the meantime there is this thread: S Class Megathread , which has many locations of previously known exotics.
Systematically going to these locations and seeing what exotics appear would be a good way of verifying if my own experiences are true across the galaxy…
Would be good to know for sure.