Farming goodies through portals

Hi Everyone,

I’ve always watch a ton of videos from kind users who will list the portal coords for S class exotic ships and S class multitools.
I am currently in Eissentam galaxy, and don’t want to wind up back in Euclid by accident so I have this question.

Now if some of these things I am looking for aren’t in Eissentam and are in another galaxy, and I use their portal coordinates will the portal bring me to the right place? Or is there no chance of successful farming with other galaxy coordinates? If that is the case is there a link of s class/exotic ships, multitools discoveries posted for Eissentam?

Thanks for your answers. I’m still a noob at this portal stuff, because all the things I found was when I was still on Euclid.

Happy Traveling


You can’t portal between galaxies. If you use a portal address from another galaxy, you will end up somewhere completely unexpected in your own galaxy.

Thoughtful posters of portal addresses will tell you which galaxy they’re in, which system they’re using (PC, PS4), and which mode they’re in.

The vast majority of portal addresses you will see posted are from Euclid, because that’s where the great majority of players stay.

Even if a portal address is in your own galaxy, if it was posted before NEXT, it will be wrong. Everything changed with NEXT.

Sorry to say it, but if you want to meet people and share stuff, moving to Eisenstam was not the best idea. There are other players there, but nowhere near as many as there are in Euclid.


Added the help a fellow traveller tag…I do believe there are some people here who are in the same galaxy.


I have my main save currently in Eissentam and will likely post if I find either S-class multitool or Exotic ships. Only shortly arrived in this galaxy, so nothing to report yet, as I am setting up a new home before I continue on my travels …

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Thanks for the info. Actually I don’t want to be social in Euclid, I love Eissentam but, one of the funnest things I do in games is to farm and find super cool things. I had a blast portal hopping when someone would leave coordinates to something cool. And to find it was like finding a treasure.
I have all the exotic squid ships, and 2 beautiful exotic fin ships (I don’t know what else to call them) in my creative save. And I had some fabulous bases that I spent many hours creating there in Euclid too, even after the NEXT update.
However griefers after the NEXT update caused me to not enjoy the game, and I was looking for a quiet place with beautiful tranquil planets.
A nice forum member told me about Eissentam, and he was kind enough to bring me there. He was in normal mode, and I started my game completely over so he could bring me over to Eissentam. That is how badly I wanted to get away from griefers who kept showing up in my game (even though I have network play turned off), and they would harass me, and build their bases right in front of mine, to ruin the view I had, among other things.
So believe me, I play the game and try to associate with like minded, decent people.
I know that’s a stretch in multiplayer these days, but I quit almost all of the other multiplayer games I have been playing for over 12 years, for my love of No Man’s Sky. When they made it multiplayer, it caused me a load of anxiety. That’s my cross to bear I realize.

Without sounding completely insane, just having the little guys in the space stations wave at me, and having the critters that I feed happy, makes me happier than hanging out with people in real life. I am an introvert Geek, with PTSD, and I feel safe in No Man’s Sky. :smiley: To find and explore planets, and make beautiful bases I can call my own within the 18 quintillion systems, makes me feel like a little kid again, and I have a sense of wonder again, which I haven’t had in many years. :smiley:


Thank you Sheralmyst!

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That’s awesome DevilinPlxy, thank you!

I found a yellow exotic ship I posted in the s class category, it was right after I started in Eissentam. I listed the coordinates for the portal decoder too.
I forgot to check how much they cost, but I’ll check next time :smiley:

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