Hoping to try and get a spiffy new fighter...advice?

Hello all, I’ve been playing NMS Beyond pretty steadily for, I think, a month now. Most of the time i’ve been using an A class medium fighter, which has been great. But i’ve been saving up credits for a new ship, and done some research on one I’ve got my eye on. I’ve spent hours and hours with the current one, and I would like to spend hours and hours with the next one! And I’ve meandered on through the First Traveler missions and gotten to using the first portal, so I am hoping I am close to figuring out how to use a portal and enter coordinates I found on the web to try and find my dream fighter.

I just had some questions for you all, just because from the reading up i’ve done, it seems kinda fussy and I don’t want to screw it up!

I had read that I need to follow coordinates I found on the web, go to a trading post, and do the save scum thing until the fighter I wanted appeared. Is that correct?

I also read something about how, if I don’t have a bunch of glyphs, the portals are a one way trip… does that mean I have to fly my new fighter back? Will I be able to figure it out on the galaxy map?

Or do I have all of this wrong?

Thanks in advance!


When looking online for a ship, make sure the ship can be found in the same Galaxy as you are currently in, which is Euclid in your case. Portal codes are always Galaxy specific. Also make sure the ship was found reasonably recent and is not from several large updates ago, as ‘seeding’ of ships may have changed over time.

To be able to use the Portal Code, make sure you actually have all the Glyphs shown in the Portal Address. If you are still missing some of the glyphs required, you will not be able to ‘dial’ the correct address. If this is the case, then continue the Artemis story line, or search for Traveller graves, until you have the glyphs needed.

The Portal is never a one-way trip, you can always go back using the portal you came through. Once you are on the other side of a portal, there are some limitations. You can not build a base if you are playing alone, you can not access the Galaxy Map, and you will not be able to use a Holo Terminus at the Space Station. Portals are basically designed to visit that specific system only, and more or less meant to go back through. If you are in multiplayer, there are ways to stay, but in your case it is advised to finish the story missions first. Your goal is to find and get the ship to then go back the same way you came.

So once you have found a ship you like online, you make note of the portal address, check if it is in Euclid, and if you have learned all the glyphs required. You find a portal, dial the address and step through. On the other side, you have access to your ship, which you can use to find a Trade Post. Trade posts work best, because they are usually very busy with lots of ships. Any Trade Post will work, you do not need to find one at a specific location.

Once at a Trade Post, you can create a manual save using a Beacon, or Save Point, but auto save from your ship will work as well. You check all the ships coming in for a few ‘waves’ and see if the one you look for is there. You can of course use your scanner to see ship stats. If after some time you still have not seen your ship, you just reload your last save and check the ships again. New waves will come in as the ‘pool’ of ships is refreshed. Look for a while and reload once more if still unlucky. Rinse repeat until your ship comes flying in.

Once your ship shows up, you can claim it to be added to the ships you already have, or you can exchange it with the ship you came with. So make sure you go through the portal with the correct ship in use, if you wish to exchange.

Once the ship is yours, all you need to do is go back through the portal and continue your game as usual. If you ‘added’ the ship, then your previous/other ships will be available on the freighter (if you have one), or through summoning.


Yep. :grin:
What @DevilinPixy explained is perfect! :+1:


I just want to add to this that you will need to “charge” the portal before you can add glyphs to it.

That means you will need various amounts of different resources, usually things like minerals, oxygen, carbon, etc.

Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.


This is very helpful, thank you so much! It sounds like I need to go on the search for all the glyphs, and also make sure the coordinates I have are relatively recent. It’s probably going to take me a while, but the good news is it sounds like I’m kind of on the right track since I’m following the Artemis storyline right now.

Thanks again and happy gaming, everyone!


Forgot to mention, but once you get to the Trade Post, land on the ground, instead of using one of the landing pads. That way all the landing pads can be occupied by incoming ships.

I usually jetpack on top of the building for a good view, if storms are not regular.


Hello everyone! I have a happy update.

I had set up a system to make circuit boards and, once my frigates unexpectedly started bringing me back some rare components, fusion igniters. I know what kind of gamer I am: if I happened to stumble upon an ultra rare ship, freighter, multitool, etc, and didn’t have enough money, I would kick myself, and it would make me play the game too tensely.

As you know, I had looked up some S class large fighters, but didn’t have much hope, as some of the info for the ships I wanted were old, and even the newer ones may have been effected by the recent Living Ships upgrade. Nonetheless, I started going through The Purge and getting portal glyphs.

I got all 16 earlier tonight and figured, what the heck. It probably won’t work, but I did all of this prep, why not try going after one? I scrapped one of my older ships to make even more room in my “garage” and went to a portal, and entered coordinates from a Youtube video.

I did as you all suggested - flew up top, put down a save beacon. Within seconds, the first exotic I’ve ever seen spawn after dozens and dozens of hours of play and ship watching spawned at the trade post. I hopped down and bought it immediately.

I got worried because I saw a couple of fighters that kind of looked like the one I wanted, so I was scared that maybe the algorithms or rolls got scrambled and I wouldn’t get the ship I wanted.

But then, after about 10 minutes, the exact ship I wanted landed. I scrambled to it because I had moved my Exotic off the platform to make more room and was afraid I’d miss it. It was an S class, my first ever S class ship. I bought it! And almost as if to make a point of making me grateful, the game immediately spawned two C class versions of the same ship, so I could compare their stats.

TLDR: I got a ship that was at the top of the list! Thanks so much for your help. I did take some photos of it, but I think this screenshot from the Youtube video I got the portal coordinates from is better than any of the ones I took.


Oh! That is a beauty! Congratulations! :partying_face:


Thanks again for the help, everyone!