How do you use portals?

I found a portal and charged the glyphs. Now, how do I activate it? When I select the option to activate it, 16 blank tablets appear, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to click on the tablets or use them to select glyphs. Has anyone used a portal yet?

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I’ve not been to one yet, have had the option but haven’t had the right relic, all stored at my base, will prob check them out tomorrow

Go under guide and you can see all the glyphs you know and I know none so I’m guessing you have to find the glyphs some how to unlock them to use

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They’re part of the Artemis quest

I’m on the Artemis quest, but I am stuck because it says to learn 3 words, but I already learned all the words before the update, so can I never progress?

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Find knowledge stones is my guess

I did, it still says 0/3 words learned because the knowledge stones say “Learned nothing new”.

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Can you pay the aliens to learn their words still?

Nope, still says “Learned nothing new” and does not progress the story objective.

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What about the part after that whee you have to get multi tool tech blueprints, how do you do that?

This may be an example of a new feature only working if you start a new game. :frowning:

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Hmm my character lost all of the words he had learned. It’s like starting over

Enter caves and use the scanner to locate dead travelers and read their logs. Try not to get completely and utterly lost. Take grenades for emergency evacuation.