All Glyphs?

So a long time ago I remember seeing that someone found a planet were you could type in only two glyphs. This planet had all the glyph locations on it. I recently acquired these two glyphs but I can’t find any mention of the planet. Any help?


It is accessible via the Portal Repository.
I’ll try to find a link…

@Ospredox sent here you go :grin:


Thank you so much!

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As a side note on getting glyphs, you can drop a beacon at Graves that you find and come back to them later and interact with them again. Speeds things up if you’re not running into a lot of Travelers!

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I edited my previous post with the link included.
If you scroll down slightly on the home page the address is one of the first things you’ll find.
Happy hunting :crossed_fingers:


Ah. Turns out you need a vehicle. This was my first time portal traveling outside the Artemis Quest so I have NO idea what I’m doing (and no, I didnt bother with that quest. I suck with vehicles :laughing: )


Me, too, but they give you tons more storage. ;`)