Glyph combinations


Welcome fellow citizen scientist!

We need your help to collectively find a format and then stick to it in order to share our discoveries/points of interest.
This should allow all of us to clearly see between and trough literally quintillions of destinations.
How about :

[Platform Ps4/PC]
[Galaxy name]
[hexadecimals coordinates]
[Short description]
[Glyph combination]


More interesting, could we find a relation between glyph combination and hex coords? coz in that last case we can just skip the hex coords (which always felt a little bit “hackish” to me).


Man I feel like I’m in Stargate ( one of my favorite shows own every episode ) Chevron 1 locked etc lol


To simplify everything, I would do this:

I would assign the first 8 glyphs letters:

And the last 8 glyphs numbers:
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

It seems better that way than to input glyph descriptions. That way you can give coordinates using a system like this:

A 01 G 08 04 F


We need some one with some photos shop skills to make us a cheat sheet


I have skills but not enough time today!


If you’re gonna do something like that, use proper hex code. 0~9 + A~F
Doing some system with assignments like that will only confuse people.


Lol I think we’re all going to be busy for a few days… :grin:


Agreed. Just like the decoder rings.


I have some time, and can whip something together…

I started another thread about the same thing, if yous guys swing on over, I’ll make the glyph descriptor described above and post it there. :blush:


See I was thinking of a completely different system, by simply numbering the gylphs from 1-16 clockwise from the top.


What the heck. So much simpler like this. Don’t know why I was trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be hahaha.


Haha yeah man. We should just do it like a rotary phone dial.


Here ya go!
Numbering them from 1-16 could create issues with the double digit numbers (ex: this “11 1 12 13” could be misread as - 1 11 12 2 1 3). Much easier to stick with the hexadecimal coordinate system that is already used by the game.


Fair point there…


Aye, hex is just the best way to count to 16. Has been for 30+ years. :slight_smile:


I just messaged the admins and moderators to suggest adding a set of glyph emoticons to make it a whole lot easier for us to share glyph codes/coordinates. I am sure HG might be willing to provide the images used to be turned into emoticons. Else I bet someone is willing to create them for us.


I’m willing to work on these, if no one else steps up.


When I tried to activate a portal, it showed my a bunch of blank tablets, but would not let me press any buttons on them or enter anything. How do you enter glyphs into portals?


Having the same problem