Portal Experimenting

I’ve done some experimenting with portals and address and found out a few things… Hopefully this info isn’t posted somewhere else.

  1. In case some don’t know, the first glyph in the portal address is the “portal number” in that system (as opposed to planet number from the signal booster). You can find the portals on other planets in your system quickly by just by changing the first glyph in the address.

  2. So far, I assume there is only one portal per planet… with one caveat: In some cases one or more of the portals may have two (maybe more) addresses. At least this is the case with one portal in the 4 planet system I have been experimenting in. One of the portals is accessible with two different addresses. I think that second address should have gone to a portal on the 4th planet but for some reason a portal was not generated there so it applied it to the next portal in the system? (Correction: the fourth planet has a protal accessible with the 5th glyph.)

  3. When you jump through a portal to a new location, you do discover it, however, it does not show up in your Journey log. Even scanning plants, animals and minerals does not bring the new system/planet into your list. In order to upload the discovery/scan data, you must visit the planet with your ship.

  4. If you portal to a new portal that you have not charged, portal back, then fly immediately the new portal, that new portal will be active and you can go through it without needing to charging the glyphs. However, using it will only whisk you away to the same portal on the shipless version of that same planet. Using it again happily brings you back. (wow that was a lot of portaling there lol)

  5. Finally, should you come back from a portal trip and your ship has changed, simply go back and forth through the portal again and you will get you the proper ship back. It looks like the game sometimes loads the ship in the freighter ship slot 1 for some odd reason.


Did you get the “could not find portal address, connecting to closest match” Atlas Error when you did that?

Nope. Both addresses connected without error and sent me to the same portal.

Odd. Do you know if the fourth planet was a rare one? That’d be my guess.

I wish it was a rare. Its actually a Jungle water world… or it looks to be a water world from the distance. I’ve not gone there yet. I"m done for the night but tomorrow I want to go check it out and make sure there isn’t a portal there…

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That’s what we have got in the other thread here: some lush planets may have “exit only” portals.

Which thread? might this be better followed up there?

So that 4th planet does have a portal and it’s planet glyph is the 5th glyph. So planet 1 uses glyph 1 and 2, making the other planets off by one.

Time to check other 4+ planet systems…

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This is the topic, we originally discovered some odds with portal numbers.
I didn’t have time to experiment yet.
Have you tried to check “dialed portal address” vs “own address”, portal gives you for the planet?

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I’d hazard a guess that mods could be contributing to that issue

Okay, that’s really a base location thread idea that kinda got off topic :slight_smile:

I tested your glyphs, changing the first one and have the same results I’m getting elsewhere:
Using glyph 1 and 2 in the first position of the address always goes to the same planet/Portal. The rest of the portals only appear to work with one specific glyph in the first address position…
the planet addresses I got for your system ([ETARC] koysihma-Izo

Hekinok Kiheermu: 1 (or 2), 1, 13, 16, 1, 3, 16, 16, 13, 1, 1, 8
Toiling-Lau Chardal: 3, 1, 13, 16, 1, 3, 16, 16, 13, 1, 1, 8
Okinomiyak-Tiw Elza: 4, 1, 13, 16, 1, 3, 16, 16, 13, 1, 1, 8
Eshiokayash: 5, 1, 13, 16, 1, 3, 16, 16, 13, 1, 1, 8
Nuuragi Bocorvo: 6, 1, 13, 16, 1, 3, 16, 16, 13, 1, 1, 8
Looks like no portal on the moon.

Toling-Lau Chardal is cool! My first rare shard planet. Only need to find the light beam pods rare and I’ll have seen them all… if there’s not more. Thanks!

To answer your question, I’ll double check (and you can check the addresses I posted above to verify for yourself) but I have checked the portal addresses at the portals and they match up to what I manually entered. Portal 1 reports glyph two, portal 2 reports glyph three, planet 3 reports glyph four…etc.

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Wrong guess. No mods.

Not your mods, Devilins, or any previous installs, just something to consider

Thanks for your feedback! I will look into details and I will get light beam pods system’s glyphs later today or tomorrow.

Just to verify from my end, PC, no mods at all, fresh ‘normal mode’ save started when 1.3 arrived. Somehow my portal address just won’t work and has been reported to HG.

Can you use Pilgrim Star and get your current location translated into glyphs? that might work in getting the correct address.
I would be curious to see the difference between what your portals are giving you and what Pilgrim Star gets.

Pilgrim Star Path gives the exact same, as it should, when translating Signal Booster coordinates into the glyph sequence. For some reason @zeff013 is just not able to actually ‘portal’ to it and always ends up on the wrong planet. He gets an ‘error’ after glyph input, closest portal is found, but wrong planet. All is explained in the topic, which indeed sort of turned into a bug report, and will hopefully get back on track. See replies after this one for all info:

On a side note: The Pilgrim Star Path application, correctly turns SB coords into a glyph sequence. The first glyph however, is always manual and based on celestial body count you input. In my case, I would have to input ‘Planet’ 3. This assumes the other planet and moon to be 1 and 2. Signal Booster coords only indicate the system.

I went to your address here
and it did not give a corrupted message, but is ps4 so i can’t really troubleshoot much

@ekult You mean PS4 and PC are separated, so you don’t get to see my base at all, or even my discoveries? Interesting how PS4 does not show an error and I am curious if the system and planets are the same. It should be 2 planets and 1 moon, with the portal leading to a radiated planet with a Habitable Base at 1:30 right next door.

Just tested things with my creative mode. Used portal to try all first glyphs:
0 (sunset/sunrise) = no error > Planet 1
1 (bird) = no error > Planet 1
2 (face) = no error > Planet 2 (actually a moon)
3 (dino) = error > Planet 1
4 - 15 (all other glyphs) = error > Planet 1
Never able to get on Planet 3 (dino) as I should be able to and as the portal actually indicates.

I even went as far as using the Base trick, so now my ‘creative’ save is in the same system with my ship and everything available. It is exactly the same as in my ‘normal’ mode, having the exact same issue on PC. I am of course not able to see my actual base as I built it in normal mode. It is available to occupy. All discoveries do however show as I made them in normal mode.

Yes, PC & PS4 are separate but systems are identical.

Celestial Bodies: 2 Planets / 1 Moon
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Economy: Manufacturing / Balanced
Conflict Level: Tranquil

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