How to use Portals: A Guide

So since quite a few people seem confused on how the new portal system works, I figure I’d give a quick guide for us.

  1. Finding a Portal
    Every planet has a portal now. You can find them by randomly flying around and scanning, but the easiest way is to find a monolith and offer up a treasure related to the race that owns the system (i.e. Korvax Cube in a Korvax System). The Monolith will then mark the portal on your HUD.

  2. Activating a Portal
    Once you find a Portal, you must then activate it by feeding it resources. You have to feed resources to each of the 16 glyphs; they go in order from isotopes, then oxides, and then finally silicates. Once you activate all 16, the portal will then give you your home address. SCREENSHOT THIS. Also note that you should place a beacon next to the portal since it will NOT be automarked on your HUD.

  3. Activating the Glyphs
    This last part requires a lot of legwork. In order to use a portal to travel outside of story bits, you must find all 16 glyphs on the graves of dead Travelers. To do so, you’ll need to find Travelers in space stations and trading posts. Trade them 100 nanites and they’ll mark their grave for you, where you can acquire a glyph.


Do portals occur in creative?

I’d assume so but I haven’t checked yet

I didn’t find any graves in caves. I wasted hours in scanning on different planets/systems caves but nothing (PC).


Honestly neither did I but that’s what the game says to do. Perhaps its tied to story progress?


It is also possible the enter 16 times the same symbol.
I have learned only one symbol, till so far.


Is it possible to find the 16 graves on a single planet ? And do we have to collect the glyphs everytime we want to use the portals

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You found a grave in a cave ? What does it look like ?

Currently looking for graves (PC)-- did you happen to check in caves where there are crashed ships?

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A black and gold diamond

Yes i read it but is it the icon from the scan or the grave itself ?
If @Rambaldi found one i’d like his details.


Many people asked the same on the discord, it’s probably in the story line where a quest will unlock it. I’m stuck with the “3 new words” quest so i have no idea if it’s true.

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I found a portal on my home world, then just happened upon a grave in a hole in the ground on another planet in my home system. It showed up as a dot as I flew over so I stopped to investigate. It gave me a recorded message left behind by the deceased and a glyph.That’s all the info I have so far.


Just to add to that, I have not even started the Artemis quest though I did get a message in my ship the first time I flew off planet in it. I have been focused on stepping back thru base building.

Ok thanks for feedback.

Was it after a scan ?

Yes. I scan constantly as I fly over

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I am stuck here as well. I cannot learn new words.

Interestingly, there seem to be new words that I don’t understand with the update. However, I still get “Learned Nothing New” with every knowledge stone or bribe for help with the language.

Ah you were in your ship. We don’t have to be into the cave, it makes a big difference, i always tried to find them by foot.

@LordMarkov i also have some words untraduced with the 3 alien languages. Next patch should repair all that i guess.

This one I have found when flying around and scanning.
I saw a white dot and check it out.
Haven’t found yet a second one.

For the Artemis quest line. I’m stuck for learning 3 words.
Because I have learned every word there is. Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen, even Atlas language is learned.

I have sent this “bug” to HG.


Thank you for sending that bug to HG.

I have experienced the same issue: not being able to progress for the Artemis story line and unable to get the medals for learning words for the 3 main races.