Finding Portals

Over all what are some good tips and tricks for discovering portals? I’ve found some in the past by searching for monoliths, but i’m curious if there is a good method to discovery. I’ve heard of following the direction of flag flows. Has this been a good approach for anyone?


From my experience its so so, honestly it depends sonetimes luck is just a huge factor

I have over 200hours In and have not seen one


I was wondering about this too. tried the old follow-the-monoliths strategy, but was unsuccesfull (mostly because my homeplanet is a water planet and most of the monoliths are underwater. sigh…

there is a chance ofcourse that they will make it easier to find them once the update comes out, since they will be playing a bigger role.

Since pathfinder theyve changed how monolithic structures spawn on a planet, they no longer appear in a grid fashion so the old portal trick doesnt work, and it seems now that a lot less portals spawn on a planet, seems like it was all in preperation for 1.3, I think every planet will have only one portal, the same way they now only have 1-2 crashed ships now compated to launch. Thats why its so hard to find portals since last update.

The portal dial has 16 digits, 16 to the power of 16 is 18 quintillion, one portal for every planet :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen a monolith since the last 2 big updates.
In the earlier versions I found them in open areas away from large mountains.

I found there was no pattern to the ruins, knowledge stones, portals or monoliths. It seemed like the knowledge stones directed you and sure enough if you followed the glow you’d find another one and eventually you’d find a monolith but I think it was more a matter of wandering around so much you always found something. The flag method seemed to be much the same thing
I suspect the last updates mostly “disappeared” the portals so that they wouldn’t keep annoying people or at least made them rarer.
Obviously with the next update they should be back and more easily findable again.
That’s a long way to say…
“I have no idea”. :smirk:

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Ive seen about 5. Latest one is my fav. I have found old style monoliths generally have a portal close by. Not really grid style. Also, if your ship is a science type, you can land, scan a monilith, get back in and fly. All monolithic type structures will appear on your hud as white dots as you fly around.


I think with the new update there will me a way to track these Portals. Maybe with a signal device you have to build in youre base?

No way! Never heard of that!
I’ll try it right away!! :slight_smile:


Hmm., I noticed recently my explorer class shows white dots for beacons

No one knows yet. No one knows exactly how portals will work, where they can take you (targeted vs random), what they cost to operate or how to find them. That being said, I’m quite sure we’ll find that out within a few days. ^^

There was never a trick for finding portals.

They might add a scan feature that detects a portal, much like how they currently detect other points of interest.

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@ekult I wouldn’t like that… Breaks the mystery of finding one (200+hours without one yet)

Do you use the scan feature for other things? If not, then you could just continue not using it, but I find it very useful.

I share with you it would be convenient, but I feel it would also make common these ‘Great Monoliths’, and maybe too common and so, repetitive.
“Ce qui est rare est cher”

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If you really wanted to find portals right now than there are mods that assist in that. I personally don’t use any mods because like @William says, it would take away from the mystery of them.

I see what you mean, I haven’t found one since the last update either, but I’d be annoyed not being able to use the new working portals for months until I randomly stumbe on one :confused:

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There are at least three levels of planet occupation (i.e. occupied buildings)

  1. Very low / zero
  2. Low
  3. High

High occupation planets are fairly rare, but they’re worth finding. It’s pretty easy to tell when you’ve got one - get in your ship, and fly over the surface, slowly. If you’ve barely lost sight of the last building, before you spot the next one, and if that keeps on happening, you have a high occupation planet.

High occupation planets tend not to have lots of natural resources, and very seldom have rare or exotic ones, but they have lots of ruins, monoliths, trading centres, and portals. Best of all, they have lots of crashed ships.


It deffinately in korvax vehicle not sure if you can put the same tech in any land vehicle but one would assume you can

the only method I have found that works up to now is flying low and slow, and pray, maybe holding a rabbits foot. :wink:

To better your chances finding a planet with these qualities will increase your chances:

  • High frequency of buildings.
  • As flat a terrain as possible.
  • no sandstone/limestone like stumps. These make it more difficult.
  • Light color scheme to help the dark monoliths contrast (best if its is a snow planet)
  • Avoid water planets, portals can be submerged which makes it exceedingly difficult to find one.
  • Moons are best, as they’re smaller but finding one that satisfies all the above is very rare.

In my 1200+ hours I have found around a dozen so far. Meaning, it is difficult. I hope we get some kind of portal-divining-rod tech to locate them.