What has everyone done to prepare for 1.3?

I personally believe that we may be seeing some changes to the way planets and animals are generated in No Man’s Sky, and I figured that because of that (and the more obvious confirmed updates) it was finally time for me to pack up my old home, and move on. I’ve gone and destroyed the base, recovering the resources piece by piece instead of finding a new home, as I’ve found that it often preserves more resources to do it this way. When the update drops, I’ll be able to start fresh easily. Everything’s been packed aboard my Freighter base and storage.

In the meantime, I have also been working on grinding for credits and Nanite Clusters, using the Insulating Gel trick to rack up lots of cash, on the off chance that I find one of those tasty new ships for me to collect.

But I want to hear what you guys have been up to. What methods have you found for making money quickly? Are you settled somewhere nice already, waiting, or are you like me, and are a bit nomadic at the moment?

I’m actually playing now… well, taking a break anyhow.

I think I have as many “credits” as a guy will ever need, but maintain my Mordite farm and constellation of Autonomous Mining Units harvesting Emeril, as the world is lousy with the stuff. The planet I’m on has freezing storms, though otherwise it’s quite hospitable and the fauna aren’t the least bit threatening. And it’ a pretty world with sunny skies and lovely flora.

I’m currently shopping for those S Class Fighters and Multitools, and dreadnought sized Freighters, though it’s a slow going slog. Upgrading is going well because I noted certain systems with specific resources, and the Map is being nice enough to backtrack for me using “nearest discoveries.” I hope to Sean that he implements a WAY better mapping system in 1.3.

I’m looking forward to a universe that’s a bit more alive, and with a history that actually means something now. Places actually exist and can be found, the races have homeworlds with cities, even if you can’t visit them, etc.


im in the same boat as you however i need a ton more credits to purchase the star destroyer freighter. anyone on PS4? im in the Elucid right next to the core. im really hoping for some good combat upgrades.


I spent most of my time just walking on planets and I haven’t finished the exocraft and farming questlines yet, so thats what I focused on yesterday. At least got the Roamer now, albumenperl quest is bugging unfortunately :(.

I’ve moved all the screenshots from the PS4 to the PC so all my new media will be a lot easier to find and share… Deleted all unwanted videos leaving just 1 thats of my current base to make it easier to reconstruct in the new world… Made the usual, almost daily copy of my savefile… I’m starting afresh, brand new game, no kept resources or ships or units to get the full experience of everything thats new… I started a new game about 1 month ago anyway so I’m already ‘prepared’ for the reset… :wink:

Been playing today. (PS4)
Upgraded to a 19 slot freighter as I’ve never really bothered with it until now.
I have a little dome farm full of various plants and make mostly explosives and insulating gel for $ although I have a bit of everything going. I’ll keep farming and selling and exploring my local systems until such time as I feel I’m ready for a big move. The planet is very earth-like with mild everything.
I’m gunna wait for the 1.3 to land before I commit to any plans, just in case it involves a reboot. Be a pity as I have been playing the same game since day one and I like all my goodies just the way they are. Still if an ETARC Hub is created I might just have to splurge on a “dreadnaught” sized freighter and go nomad for a while until I eventually arrive at the new hub, wherever that may be.

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Basically, I’ve gotten myself killed in a long-running permadeath game two weeks ago. So I’ve had a break until now and am looking forward to start from scratch. :smile:

It’s only about the fifth time I start a new game in NMS… I like starting new games.

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Going to restart. I played a lot of NMS after launch, Albeit I was enjoying it my gaming time is a precious commodity and so other things took precedent, but I always wanted to come back to it, and now seems an appropriate time to dive back in. Looking forward to it.

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I’m probably restarting, but this time I’m keeping the coordinates of my planet.
I restarted after 1.2. Restarting made the story more cohesive. Progression more fluent. The only problem was, I had a nice planet before with lots of rigogen. Of course I didn’t get it’s cooredinates, so that planet is lost to me.

@SeanMurray I would find it very nice if there would be a webservice where you can browse the discoveries for each game type :wink:


I have about 60 m units burning a hole in my wallet right now, I want to get a Super-Freighter, but think I might wait a little to see if they add any new types or if they have a Freighter Sale…

I am worried they will nerf prices again, my Insulating Gel farm is nicely profitable in my +2.5 system.

I am open to restarting too so I can properly document my journey as we didn’t have photo mode on launch.


Exploring around the galaxy with a black hole loop using a base in the system. Looking for hubs to leave prompts for other players.

Stockpiled all possible basic building resources on my 48 slot freighter and grinded 0.5 billion units. http://imgur.com/Ig7gPqa With this amount of resources, at the moment, I’m able to purchase and fully upgrade any ship in the game. Moved farm partially and all the containers to the freighter, making it a mobile home. Found and purchased several 48 slot haulers to carry the remainings of my planetary base in case it will turn from lush to shithole. Got S class ship of each type, except shuttle. Ready for everything: fight, explore, trade…

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Well on my ps4 save im very well stocked up and chilling in the galHub, my permadeth ps4 im near the centre, also well stocked up.

To prepare for 1.3 I finally bought the game on PC and have been getting that save ready for whats to come, just bought a freighter finally and starting to rebuild my base, purpose fit to craft lubricant, explosives and weed, er, nipnip bud.

Been searching like a mad woman for a portal…still ain’t found it!!! I can literally see buildings in every direction on my home world…you would think there would be a portal somewhere…if it all transforms when update hits well, it’s just gonna be what it’s gonna be.

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Heheh, I see some people are quite a bit ahead of me in resources. ^^
I never used any crafting/selling/farming tricks to make an income though, just manually farming resources and selling them.

Current preparations are mostly hopping around the universe looking for a bigger freighter. Only got an S class shuttle (not using it, but gotta collect em all at some point =) ). Still got an old (now C-Class) 48 slot hauler, which is quite nice. Will be looking for an S class hauler after I’ve upgraded my freighter and collected more units. (And find one that I really like, coz well… don’t wanna spend a small fortune on a hauler I don’t really care for. :slight_smile: )

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I played it since realese, not every day but from time to time and a bit more over the last weeks. But now i will stop and wait for the update and then create a new savegame to enjoy the new things and lore :laughing:

To give some background, I’m playing NMS in a way I so called “eco-mode” ;). Let me explain: gather only the necessary resources, avoid “Destroy” evertime is possible and center in Interact, gather Iron from asteroids more than planet, etc.

So,… My base is constructed minimal and the more funcitional as possible and I have intended to mantain in the same place if it is possible. If not, then no problem, build again.

For travel I had the idea of “specialized” ships. With this approach I don’t need a huge amount of slots per ship (19 - 21 slots is ok) so ships are a long way cheaper. Here are implementation of a “personal fleet” (I also named the ships with personal fleet codes XD):

1.- Freigher (NM2700 Chorizonte Final): Nothing to say here!, the freighter. Not much slots needed :wink:
2.- Hyperjumper (NM2705 Saltamontes): A best class as possible explorer, only equiped with all possible warp tech and one minor shield upgrade.
3.- Planetarian ship (NM2704 Alatriste): A best class as possible fighter or shuttle, equiped with all shield, all pulse engine upgrades tech and heavy firepower of phase ray. No warp upgrades.
4.- The piece-of-junk: (NM2706 Anal intruder): The most junkie, cheaper and small ship that you can find. No tech upgrades, no systems added. Only for travel trough black holes.


Working on buying that freighter I never bothered with, and trying to find an Atlas Stone in case they fit into that center slot in the portal dialer. :slight_smile:

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I might have bought a freighter when the super cheap freighter bug happened, and 16 slot of less than 1 mil(at the time I didn’t know it was sort of cheating or that is was a bug):grin:


I got a new multitool rifle with nine extra slots, upgraded my base a bunch, and finally got around to fully fixing my salvaged ship, the Seraphim, after I had just gotten use to having a few broken slots.