Update Discussion Thread


My personal opinions. i like HG and SM but do not like this update, but i cannot judge until those yummy patch notes are out.


Why are you saying you don’t like the update when we dont know whats in it? Just asking, I am really curious.


The updates have always featured a few goodies, so I wouldn’t be bummed about this one. Sean hasn’t let me down yet… save for not giving us better scanning and mapping tools, and no alien space babes, sigh. But I digress.

Buck up son, he’s British! :rofl:


IMHO NMS is exploration based and your meant to make your own story, but now they added basically fast travel and a story mode, i am excited for whats to come depending on the execution. thanks the the HG team and praise Sean


In my opinion, I feel that story is precisely part of what the game needs. I feel very much that this story will not take away our abilities to create our own stories and adventures, but rather it will empower them. I think the story will give us more of a basis for what the universe is about, and give us more to do, and more to create our own stories and experiences around! And not to mention, what Sean said in the trailer was just a little tease as to what the update holds in store. As you say, patch notes are coming, I feel there is a surprise or two hidden that Sean and HG didn’t want us to be aware of just yet. :slight_smile:


You can still make your own stories and have an overarching story. In such a large space, you could have a thousand hour story and still have plenty of space to make your own.


All i want to see is the trailer and patch notes! I’m so excited!!


Exactly. Just look at EvE Online. There is tons and tons of lore, storyline quests etc. etc. - yet the game content is something that each player create for them and others. You are free to take part in everything or nothing . Same here, you decide what makes you happy.


NMS is an open universe. Be a nomad. Be a farmer/trader that’s settled and content. Be an explorer with a base nearby.
Follow the lore or ignore it completely. Check out and interact with Hubs or just be a wanderer. It’s all good fun with no restrictions on a change of lifestyle. Most importantly relax and chill out as you go. That is one of the best bits of the game for me. Minimum stress.


I get where you’re coming from, but the forth race is all but confirmed and that’s a big addition that technically counts as story stuff. So I’ll hold any judgment until the patch notes are live and we can see a trailer.


I think we’re going to find that there’s a reason we’ll want to meet up, for common defense. Remember the “hostile system” messages found in the pathfinder files. Not to speculate too much but I don’t think Atlas rising is going to go well for us Travellers.


True, but id rather have development efforts put on the exploration aspect (which is what this game was supposed to be)


Only there is no mention of the fourth race anywhere else than in one or two whois commands… Is there?


I absolutely agree with you!


I mostly remember it being mentioned in that survey with the decryption puzzles. And there’s that image of the humanoid beings. I think the fancy ship is also related, but that’s kind of a stretch.


Haven’t they, though? Base making, vehicles, ships, new mods. Now Portals.
I think they have done as much as is possible with “exploration without a
story”. Now is the time for true universe building.


I always liked that the story was light and you were just kind of left to wander, but I have confidence that they can add more plot without destroying that experience. Just like the atlas path or the path to the center, you will be free to ignore whatever doesn’t interest you.


Possibly. It could be interpreted in many ways. I wouldn’t mind a new race


The patch notes will be like Christmas. I’m sure there’s a surprise or two in there. Money is still on things getting weirder towards the centre, maybe more dangerous too. It’s what they’ve always said would happen, I’m confident they’ll implement it at some point. Maybe this update, maybe the next. Dare take that portal ride to somewhere more exotic but more dangerous when your’re ill equipped…? That sort of decision will result in a thousand of our own stories on what happens next and how we fared.

Either way, they’re showing even more so now that they’re ultra committed to their dream and passion. I’m totally down with that. Thanks for talking again Sean and HG. Makes it feel like the old days before hate clouded the skies and we all feared the worst from the lack of a personal link. They know they have dedicated fans. As they said, this is just the beginning.


There was mention a while ago of an ‘ambient mode’ when looking through the games files. Maybe it was a placeholder name for story game mode. Being a different game mode and therefore save maybe you get the choice between old and new build